Will be attached to economic disaster in the country .. MPs and experts: shut down the Strait of Hormuz, the threat must be prepared to face

On: Sun 04/03/2012 11:35

Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. Give rise to Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, the ire of a number of parliamentarians and oil experts, because the Iraqi economy is entirely dependent on oil revenues annually. 
called on parliamentarians and oil experts during their talk (of the Agency news) to take the necessary precautions to address this problem in the event of getting through the open ports other export and re- rehabilitation of pipelines stretching across Syria and Saudi Arabia, or the laying of pipes new via Jordan. 
A member of the Committee on Energy and Oil MP / mass change / Bayazid Hassan: The Iraqi economy is supported entirely on oil revenues, and the country has the implementers of the export of oil is only one of them via Turkey and the other across the Persian Gulf Mara through the Strait of Hormuz and in the event of closure of the Straits by Iran will lead to economic disaster in the country. 
said Hassan (of the Agency news): the importance of opening more than one port for the export of oil to avoid an economic problem by closing the Strait of Hormuz from Iran. 
Hassan suggested: re- rehabilitation of oil pipelines stretching across Saudi Arabia, Syria, or pipeline a new oil via Jordan and as soon as possible to save the Iraqi economy from destruction. 
and of his part, economist Ismail Abdul Hussein: that the ability of energy export Iraqi crude oil amounted to two million and (600) thousand barrels day of issue (600) thousand barrels exported via the Ceyhan while a million and a half million barrels of oil to two million barrels of oil a day pass through Hormuz, which makes closing a disaster for the country. 
said Abdul Hussein (of the Agency news): that Iraq does not have any solutions to get out of this crisis, the fact that Iran is determined to shut down and this is suicide for Iran as it will affect the economies of the world at a rate of (40% to 45%), both countries have been exported or imported. 
He pointed to: that the general budget for this year and has developed on the basis of sale price of a barrel of oil at (85) dollars and the total oil revenue would be the general budget, but when you close the Strait of Hormuz would lose Iraq more than (50) billion, or more than half of the financial allocations of the general budget, the fact that Iraq is initializer of this economic shock at the moment. 
He continued: that Iraq is able to maneuver and transport to export oil from the Strait of Hormuz to another port, adding that the Ministry of Oil was going to re-oil pipelines stretching across Syria, but the situation is stable which led to the postponement of the subject. 
He stressed: the presence of signs by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to move closer to Iraq and cooperation with him on all levels, political, economic, and open the Embassy of the Kingdom in Baghdad in addition to opening up the domestic market, this gives a positive thing for the return of common interests between the two countries, calling for the exploitation of these circumstances, especially after the Arab summit conference and agreement with the Saudi side to rehabilitate the pipeline oil forsaken and Trans- Saudi Arabia up to the Red Sea. 
For a member of the Committee on Energy and Oil MP / National Alliance / Susan Saad said: The closure of the Strait of Hormuz by Iranian side will impact negatively on the Iraqi economy is being supported by (95%) on oil revenues and the percentage (80%) of the Energy export of Iraqi crude oil pass through it. 
said Saad (of the Agency news): The resort to export outlets other than the Hormuz will increase the cost of transportation of crude oil, calling for negotiations with the Iranian side to exclude Iraq because it does not have export outlets other. 
She added that Iraq if you seek to open ports other export it takes time not a little and effort high because it would be negotiations and agreements with the side that will extend through which the pipeline of the Iraqi oil, and perhaps the crisis gets and it is complete. 
while saw the head of the International Federation of businessmen Iraqi Hamid punitive: that the closure of Hormuz by Iran will not only affect exports of Iraqi oil only, but it will affect the transport of goods to traders Iraqis that the country is a consumer and relies on imports outside. 
and added punitive (for the Agency news) that the closure of the Strait of Hormuz would negatively affect the economies of the world, especially Iraq and the Persian Gulf, and that Iran when you close the strait, they open themselves to the risk of being a longer passage of an international and subject to the laws of the UN Security Council can not be to any point of closure. 
For his part, ruled out the oil expert Hamza Jeweler: Close the strait during the current period by Iran as will be affected most by, likely high price of oil world, and Iraq would lose one third revenue financial closing. 
said Jeweler in an earlier statement (of the Agency news): The closure of the Strait of Hormuz, this means that Iran will stop (400) thousand barrels of its exports through this strait, noting that Iran’s oil exports pass through this Strait mostly go to the States, which refused to impose sanctions on Iran, like China, India and Russia. 
He pointed to: that China is able to buy all the oil exports of Iran, and Iran will use this strait to export its oil, and not Bmsalehtha to close it, but just a threat to some countries. 
predicted oil expert: increasing oil prices multiplier when closing the Strait, Iraq is able to issue (650) thousand barrels through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline, but despite that Iraq would lose one third being a certified financial revenues, mainly on the southern oil pipeline. / Finished / 8. d.