Maliki back and announce his candidacy for prime minister for a third term

Maliki back and announce his candidacy for prime minister for a third term


Palm – stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s nomination for the upcoming general elections and to continue his political career and said that the budget next year will be the biggest of the current year’s budget due to higher oil revenues, which would provide employment opportunities and construction projects.

He said the government had received notices in the presence of 13 head and king of the Arab summit in Baghdad this month and expected to continue until the crisis in Syria and the survival of President Bashar al-Assad, he expressed concern over the exploitation of Turkey to instability in the region and accused her of sectarian movements.

In an interview with an expanded, Maliki said: Whether you win in the elections or do not win will not give up the periodic political dynamic organizational structure, and will not give up my participation in the elections and on the move to raise the standard of living of the citizen explained We have signed investment contracts in the oil, and I’m sure that the proceeds of Iraq next year will be greater than previous years, meaning that the budget next year will be the biggest of this year’s budget, which means that this extra money will lead to the increase in projects and create jobs in companies working in the fields of construction and reconstruction and factories, Abizaid and perhaps part of the sensitivity of some countries from Iraq because of higher oil production and its impact is essential in the global oil policy, so they returned to Iraq and Ikhasamunh having this capability.

And the Arab Summit to be held this month in Baghdad, Maliki said so far told us that all the Arab states agreed to attend, and will be attended by 13 heads of state and the king, and the rest will attend different levels, and expressed his belief that the summit would be successful, and I hope that the dialogue in which a classic like the rest of vertices, so We asked the Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League to be the agenda of a character a collaborative fundamental economic – Media – Fighting terrorism – solutions to problems – Activating the role of the Arab League to enter the line of crises develop solutions moderate capacity and expressed al-Maliki for his refusal to use the Arab League, the positions of an international rescue or troubleshooting the problem of stuck in an Arab country as is the case in Syria.

And on the position of events in Syria, al-Maliki said Anhz not sectarian, nor Ojaml the Syrian regime at the expense of his people, I do not want to keep the Syrian people, without taking his rights, but I lived in Syria 16 years and understand the challenges.

He said that Syria is a pivotal state, not marginal .. On its borders Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Turkey, which wants to extend and expand in Syria, Lebanon will be critical when the system comes the same sectarian, Jordan is afraid of the coming of an Islamic movement in Syria because it Staatmdd on its territory, Israel fears of confusing the equation that has been achieved by the negotiations in the past that have passed, and followed, so I think that the crisis is not a Syrian in the end, they said a month and two months, I told them Take one and two years .. I expect that the crisis would last longer .. System exists .. And will remain there.

With regard to relations with Turkey under the disturbance conditions of the region, expressed Maliki’s concern about the overlap factors of regional factors Arabic, there are factors of a regional off sectarian, in other words, that an entity sectarian wants to get caught entity sectarian last, and there are international efforts included on-line you want to take advantage of this approach sectarian, just as America, for example, you want to project the face of Iranian nuclear weapons for the purposes of armament, but the trends in the Arab region benefited from the siege of the American effort in Iran to encircle the Shiite component.

He added that Turkey is serious in the starting line this year on the basis of protection in the world, as if the country is responsible and authorized as claims for the protection of the year and saw that Turkey was taking off from the door of the protection of the year, this principle is wrong, the Sunnis in Iraq, homeland of the people ..Sunnis and Shiites Mtaaeshun do not need a protector and guardian of their interests, as well as for the Shia do not need protection not from Iran or from any other Shi’ite state.