Iraqi government supplementary budget is calculated on the basis of price per barrel to {111} dollars per barrel

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates parliamentary sources said that the Iraqi government calculated price of a barrel of oil in the supplementary budget on the basis of $ 111 per barrel, a price much higher than the price that was calculated in the general budget of $ 86 dollars.

The source told the News} {Euphrates that: The government calculated on the basis of the supplementary budget oil price of $ 111.138 and an average export of 2,171,895 barrels per day, except the province of Kurdistan.

He expressed his surprise at the source of the government to calculate the price of oil, this amount is well aware that the price of oil down.

He explained that the earned revenue is estimated at {8} trillion and 864 billion and 484 million dinars.

The draft supplementary budget has had his first reading is scheduled to be submitted to a vote, in principle, after many objections to it.