Iraq: openness to the issue of two states, Saudi Arabia and al-Maliki is not an issue and we hope not to be a tactic

Saturday 03 March 2012 11:53 GMT
Sumerian News / Baghdad 
considered the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, Saturday, that openness to Saudi Arabia the issue of two states and is not an issue President of the Government, as expressed the hope that the relationship is permanent and not tactical, called on the Iraqi government to move away from the policy of axes, and took an active role in the region. said the head of the Iraqi parliamentary Salman Jumaili in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “opening the Iraqi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not an issue or the issue of al-Maliki as Prime Minister what is the issue of two tasks in the region,” stressing the need for relationships to be “good” between the two countries. He stressed Jumaili to “make the interest of Iraq at the forefront of any relationship with any country,” noting that “Iraq’s foreign policy moving towards opening up to the countries of the world and stay away from the threat of the neighboring countries as it was under the former regime.” and expressed the hope that “the relationship with Saudi Arabia permanent and not tactical, “calling on the Iraqi government to” stay away from the policy of axes, and took an active role in the region. ” The head of the Iraqi bloc that “Iraq has an important role in the relations between the Arab and Muslim world,” adding that “Iraq will be an active player in the region and the world, If started from the concept of common interest in its relations with all neighboring countries. ” The Iraqi government announced on Saturday (March 3, 2012), that Saudi Arabia has not bored any conditions on Iraq to improve relations with him, while confirming that the opening to the Kingdom would not be at the expense of another country. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced a few days ago that Iraq is seeking to conduct a direct dialogue with Saudi Arabia to discuss outstanding issues and to strengthen relations, and considered that the rapprochement between the two countries will break the trenches of sectarianism, with The Ministry of Interior (in March 29 2012) from the agreement with Saudi Arabia on a new phase of security cooperation in the fight against “terrorism” and drugs and smuggling across the border. and relations began to Saudi-Iraqi better after mid-February last after nominate Riyadh non-resident ambassador to Baghdad after more than 20 years of diplomatic boycott.