Open Scenarios.. The Framework Continues With Al-Sudani And The Current Is Betting On Its “Former” Allies To Disrupt The Government

Open Scenarios.. The Framework Continues With Al-Sudani And The Current Is Betting On Its “Former” Allies To Disrupt The Government


Open Scenarios.. The Framework Continues With Al-Sudani And The Current Is Betting On Its Former Allies To Disrupt The GovernmentEarth News/ Nibras Ahmed
While the coordination framework renews its adherence to its candidate for prime minister, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, opinions are split between supporters and opponents of his assuming the highest executive position in the country, which is still weakening under the weight of the heated political dispute, while the Sadrist movement is betting on its “former” allies to delay the formation of the government.

A leader in the Sadrist movement, Issam Hussein, told Earth News, “There is no insistence on the part of the coordination framework, but rather there is pressure to pass Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, who has not yet been fully accepted to form the next government,” noting that “what the framework does is a promotional material as a result of exploitation The international conflict, and America wants to have stability in Iraq, especially after the Biden administration and the November 8 elections, in which the Republicans will have a footprint. Delaying the formation of the government for the framework means that Iraq will be calmer in the next stage.”

He added that “there is a political will from the Kurds and Sunnis to delay the formation of the government and the struggle for the presidency of the republic is clear. Decisions taken later by the US administration are the actions of the coordination framework militias, because the issue is not an issue of a decision taken by Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, but rather there is an internal and external conflict over Iranian interests.”

Hussein explained that “the result of the process of giving the framework a chance, so 16 years was sufficient for the framework in the state administration, and the low level reached Iraq in terms of state administration, corruption, weak foreign policy and the weakness of the security forces, which are not at the level required in maintaining Iraq’s security and imposing its prestige even on the militias.” He stressed that “the situation is very complicated, and the framework always wants to form a government easily, in order to later produce a government of crises.”

For his part, a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ali Al-Fatlawi, told Earth News: “If the scenario of storming the House of Representatives is repeated, this matter is entrusted to the meager and weak government that cannot defend itself and cannot defend the prestige of the state, the dignity of the citizen, or the property of the citizen, and this The issue is entrusted to the government, as we said,” noting, “Therefore, it must deal with everyone without exception with legal and constitutional systems without resorting to killing, beating and humiliation, as we noticed two days ago. It was a positive treatment with all the demonstrators.”

Al-Fatlawi called for “there will be instructions for the demonstrators, and we also do not accept the demonstrators entering Parliament as well as the Supreme Judicial Council. On the basis that they are part of the people, there must be an understanding that must satisfy them through the popular situation or give them promises.”

And he said, “Now the Sadrist movement is afraid of a case that it may be excluded, marginalized, or may harm this issue. It is not true. They are the sons of the country and the sons of Iraq, and they are the resistance. The coordinating framework must give them guarantees and trust in this issue,” pointing out, “As for the Sudanese, he is the candidate of the framework exclusively.” “.

As the strategic expert, Dr. Hani Ashour, explained to Earth News, “The Sudanese will go ahead because there is no other candidate yet to be proposed by any other political bloc. Even the Sadrist movement has not put forward a candidate until this moment.”

He added, “We note that there is a consensus between the sovereignty and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the coordination framework on the name of the Sudanese, especially after the return of the parliament sessions, and what is expected is to name the President of the Republic, who will in turn assign the Sudanese leader.”

He pointed out, “As for the demonstrations that took place on the 21st, they are a reminder of the demands of the October Revolution, which were summarized in amending the Iraqi constitution, changing the government at that time, and holding early elections until this moment. The coming early days are after a new election law is approved and the High Electoral Commission is changed, so I think that the Sudanese government will proceed as soon as a president is chosen by the two Kurdish parties.”