Iraq country “lazy” and the postponement of the customs tariff…

Iraq country “lazy” and the postponement of the customs tariff law enters the inferior products in exchange for hard currency leakage

Baghdad (News) … According to Deputy Economic Committee member/Iraqi/nahida aldaini aaetlak, that the tariffs as a result of the lack of Government control was delayed at all border crossing points, as well as possible failure of northern Iraq resolution ports. She aldaini (News Agency news) Monday: the lack of enactment of tariff and postponed several times would entail substantial damage on the citizen and giving way to the dealer price manipulation by interests.

She added: the economic policy in Iraq, a policy you hit him and was unsuccessful, so the Government five-year plan for the Iraqi economy, including adoption of the customs tariff law and the law on the protection of the domestic producer and a tight control on the local market, traders and issuing permits for the import of goods and commodities.

She explained: the Iraq country lazy and consumer and non-product, non-confirmation of the customs tariff law leads to poor products entry for hard currency go to exporting States.