Newspaper: Saudi Arabia is seeking to persuade Iraq to give up the Syrian regime

03/03/2012 17:19

Jalal Talabani in Saudi Arabia

Beirut, March 3 / March (Rn) – The newspaper (L’Orient Le Jour), speaking in French that there are efforts by Saudi Arabia to reach an agreement with Iraq aimed at persuading the latter to abandon his support for the Syrian regime, noting that Riyadh hopes in the face of the influence of rival Tehran in Iraq. The paper points out that the looming marred relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia since 1990, but it has evolved at a rapid pace appointed Saudi ambassador is not a resident in Iraq, as well as mutual visits between the two sides, to draw out that all this comes shortly before the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad which imposes the Syrian file itself on the line had the first.According to the newspaper, Iraq is locked in between the two Gulf states, which calls for the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad and Iran, which strongly supports the regime in Damascus. The paper quotes MP Mahmoud Othman as saying: “Saudi Arabia wants to line up Iraq with the Gulf States and take a stand against Iran and Syria. ” According to Osman, the “Middle East is divided into two camps, the Sunni Arab states and Turkey on the one hand and Iran and the Shiites with each other.” says Osman, “The Iranian influence in Iraq is strong enough, and that Saudi Arabia can have good relations with the Sunnis, but it can not balance the influence of Iran, which has the upper hand in Iraq. ” and draws the newspaper that Iran is very influential in Iraq, which is an important partner has earned in the previous affection opponents of the regime of Saddam Hussein, despite this, Saudi Arabia are great strides to confront Iran in Iraq. of Mahmoud al-Faqih, the Open: Joseph Karwan