Finance Committee: Iraqi market will deal with the Syrian refugees in dollars

Committee stressed the Knesset Finance that the Iraqi market will deal with the Syrians refugees in dollars instead of the lira.

mention that thousands of Syrians displaced from the provinces of Idlib and surroundings Alsorretan and other border areas, to Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan because of the violence witnessed their areas and claimed the lives of many.

said committee member and MP for the Liberal bloc were part of the National Alliance Majida al-Tamimi’s / JD /: “The deal with the Syrian pound in the Iraqi market will be equivalent in U.S. dollars.”

explained Al-Tamimi: that the Syrians would conduct or (change) their currency lira to dollars in the banking offices, to be buying and selling process with ease.

said Tamimi, “we must help the Syrian people who stood with the Iraqi people in crisis and had a lot of Iraqi refugees in Syria.”

and concluded by a member of the Knesset Finance and MP for the Liberal bloc Alamadonah of the National Alliance “Iraq is a country hospitable to the Syrian people and we will work to provide services to them.”

The Iraqi government has agreed to open borders to Iraqi refugees, the Syrians because of the deteriorating situation in their country.