Facilities and the assassination of former defense minister mysterious way to cover up a major corruption deals

In conjunction with the introduction of the inclusion of the name and former defense minister Abdul Qadir Obeidi, a list of the Interpol result of corruption a major concern deals arming the Iraqi military aircraft Alantenov Ukrainian and helicopters Algikip add files to other corruption related to money huge was made a month by the leaders of the difference of the Office of the Minister, have been found the body of a bodyguard to the Minister of Defense dead in mysterious circumstances.

Has met with Brigadier General Ali Eklh Sadoun was killed days before in a manner not previously disclosed the veil, was also informed decrees light atmosphere is normal after a silence on the rank-and important function, which was occupied by escort personally to the Minister of Defense and the sufficiency words held the Board of light on the spirit of “Haj Ali Eklh Sadoun” Without going into any details beyond that by his family or his close associates who have expressed a reservation on their relationship with him and noted that the deceased was no longer associated with them since he began working in the office of former minister and that their presence for a mourning no more obligations and traditions do not want to alienate them to their surroundings Social.

The Brigadier-Sadoun A three most important people in the office of former Secretary of Defense along with General Amer al-Azzawi Director, Office of the Minister and Brigadier Mazen al-Bakri conducting the laundering of money that was provided by the team leaders in the Iraqi army a month to the office of the former minister (Abdul Qader al-Obeidi) to be smuggled out of Iraq through the Bank Warka in Baghdad, “also emphasized some of the staff of Warka Bank.”

This has been the assassination a few days a report by the new evidence of Iraq on 17/7/2012 included a threat by the Minister of Defense Abdul Qadir Obeidi, the former Iraq addressed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, summarizes by saying, “If my case is not settled, I Savdh beneficiaries of the arms deals”: that the former minister would not hesitate to expose the partners (Alcolmishn) in the corrupt arms deals around the Prime Minister of advisers and senior officials in the Ministry of Defence along the lines of Staff Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari and the team kept Mohan Secretary General of the Department of Defense agency.

Observers believe that the death of Brigadier General Ali Eklh and in the manner which he received the death is a loss of an important link of the episodes that may serve justice when you go into the files of corruption and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense relating to the period of responsibility of the former minister Abdul Qader al-Obeidi, who was appointed by al-Maliki later adviser to the commander of the armed forces After leaving the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.