Iraq urges sinners to enter the World Trade

Iraq urges sinners to enter the World Trade

07/25/2012 17:49

Prompted a number of stakeholders in economic affairs of Iraq on the need to speed up the implementation of a package of decisions that is consistent with the policy of the open market, to arguing that those decisions will give Iraq the membership of the WTO at full speed, and economists have called for a conference held by the Organization of our economy in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce to stand on the most prominent Almarqlat that impede the entry of Iraq to the WTO, and argued that Iraq’s delay in approving a number of economic laws factor will delay the issue of joining and will decline in business activity and investment in it, especially since more than two thirds of the global art has included under the umbrella of that organization.
The conference was attended by a large number of stakeholders in economic affairs and the members of the House of Representatives and representatives of economic organizations and advisers in the Prime Minister.
In the opinion of Counsel in the prime minister and the director of our economy, Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge that the most striking features of the global economy at the moment is the movement of goods, services, capital, information and labor across national and regional boundaries, these features are consistent with what called for in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and consistent with the requirements of the new international order, either to get along with them and approach them or remain strangers about Mnsogn backward, losing their advantages and at the same time not guarantee disadvantages.
and near vision Anbuge with the opinion of Member of the economy and investment representative Abdul-Abbas Xiaa, who said that Iraq’s accession to the WTO, the issue of significance, pointing out that a number of these international organizations are controlled economies of the world, and this is reason to speed up to join the WTO.
and waved broadly during his speech for (morning) that the majority views the parliamentary serve the interests of the accession to that organization, but that these views calls often to the importance that preceded accession prepare fully, through the amendment of legislation and regulation aspects of the national economy in general, as well as stimulate the private sector, stressing that in the absence of such measures, the, the accession process will not be feasible, especially in light yield economy is diverse and has different productive sectors.

A basket of legislation
and confirms broadly that Iraq will gain if he joined the World Trade Organization more the confidence of investors and international companies, as well as the confidence of international banks, traders and economists, however, broadly believes that the problem of current economic that hinder Iraq’s accession is the transition from socialist economic system to the market free, and marred by disruptions hampered this transformation, which he said requires a basket of legislation that are compatible with the new global economic order, stressing that the lack of a package of laws the new economic order will hinder the process of economic transition towards a free market.

Improve investment opportunities
and perhaps the most positive aspects of joining the WTO is to generate a conviction very corporate global investment laws of Iraq’s economic, because the process of accepting members of that organization needs to be a basket of laws that facilitate economic action and seek to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way investors, with confirmed most of the participants at the conference that the move is important in the future of Iraq’s economic, Minister of Commerce, said Iraq’s accession needs to be a long time and continuous cooperation among all stakeholders, pointing out that his ministry is making strenuous efforts in order to join that organization, which he said the task of and very necessary in the organization of business in the country compared to what it is in developed countries.
said Khairallah Hassan Babiker Speaking (morning): The efforts of Iraq to engage in that system of global economic task sponsor open its market to the markets of developed countries Almnzawah under the banner of the Organization, as well as the importance of this step which will bring many of the investment companies the task of Iraq by the member states, as well as an improvement in the import and according to international standards.

Benefits of joining
Turning Economic Adviser in the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge through his paper presented at the conference management, to the benefits of accession, and what can be earned by Iraq in the short term and medium term, where he noted there will be entry into force of a safe, stable and non-discriminatory of Iraqi exports of goods and services to the markets of 147 countries member of the World Trade Organization and will soon become 175 countries, as well as provide control over the unfair treatment of the products and services of Iraq in the markets of Member States of the World Trade Organization.
indicating that the positives from the accession also that there will be control of unjustified restrictions in other countries and restrictions on exports destined for Iraq, and create an environment conducive to the creation of producers and service providers Iraqis are better efficiency and competitiveness at the international level and to increase capital investment by extension, as well as transfer of technology and know-how and the expansion of the distribution chain international producers Iraqis.
noting that the work improvements to the overall economic performance, for example, economic growth, productivity, employment of Iraq as a result of increased exports and investment are also the most prominent advantages of the system that will result in increased financial profits as a result of increased investment, economic activities, production activities relating to the service, trade flows and employment.

Economic relations developed
and reviewed Anbuge more pros said that the process of Iraq’s accession to the WTO would lift case of acceptance of membership, pointing out that there will be over the security and non-discriminatory as well as pay a reasonable and appropriate to cross the products and carriers of Iraq through the territory of other Member States.
indicating that the join the witness permeable broader Iraqi (government institutions, producers and consumers) to a variety and wide range of products and services of high quality to meet competitive prices, in addition to that the organization will be awarded to resort to dispute settlement body of the organization, which will offer a solution and an appropriate mechanism for any commercial dispute that may arise between Iraq and trading partners.
said Anbuge that of the leading franchises which will be reflected positively on Iraq is the composition of international trade relations more stable and that there will be more confidence in doing business with members.
stressing the need to provide good governance through the rule of law and predictability, transparency , stability, accountability, limited discretion, arbitration and judicial appeals for the immediate and appropriate in light of the accession process.

Most files join completed
sought Iraq’s accession to wto since many years ago, emerged from the dozens of bilateral meetings between those on the Muf in Iraq and between representatives of the World Trade Organization, has resulted from these meetings accomplish the main files that come a long way toward Iraq’s accession as confirmed by the (morning) Director of the World Trade Organization, Ministry of Commerce Tharwat Akram Salman, who said the charge of this Muf in Iraq were able to accomplish the most demanded by the World Organization on an ongoing basis and he (the initial offer of goods), explaining that this file is of the most necessities that need to be completed in order to appeal to the question of accession is a technical file main body has demanded its implementation since 2008 has worked all to accomplish very hard since then.
and the time periods required by Iraq in order to enter that organization Salman said: that the time time between all mixed for accession, as the Jordan example, was able to join after six years of talks, while it took Saudi Arabia 12 years of discussion before joining, and Russia 18 years, since all these periods depends on the nature and seriousness of the negotiations, stressing that if the completion All files are requested from Iraq, the process of accession to the WTO will not take long periods of time.

WTO and the private sector
and see Salman that the WTO is a class basis important stimulus through agreements on goods, services and intellectual property, adding that those points will work together to revitalize
the Iraqi private sector, especially the two sides of industrial, commercial, noting that the organization will provide many of the needs of the private sector through create conferences and competencies and the organization of workshops through which the will of the sector to identify the communities developed economic and building bridges of communication with companies and businessmen in the various member countries.
He Salman out that the main obstacles facing the process of Iraq’s accession to the WTO is the presence of a heavy legacy of legislation that does not serve the interests of the economic trend towards an open market policy, stressing that the laws of the country’s present and its system of legislative and his economic philosophy all serve the interests of the centralized economy, which called for based on the file on Iraq’s accession to the WTO to harmonize the legislation with the WTO agreements, the World compatibility with the economic system of the States members.

The feasibility of joining
and in general we can say that the distribution of negative and positive impacts on both among developing countries by the application of the principles of the WTO is different from state to state depending on the different systems of economic and structures of production and financing, since the impact on developing economies by the application of the principles of the organization depends on two sets of interrelated factors are the degree of openness to global markets and the composition and properties of commercial exports of goods and services.
The more openness to global markets more whenever they raised the application of principles of the Convention raised a positive rather than negative.
either in terms of composition and properties of commercial exports of goods and services the agreement provided for reductions in the table of customs duties imposed on raw materials used in industry by up to (70 percent) of the ratios above, either semi-manufactured goods Vtkon rate ranging between (32 percent _ 47 percent) either for the goods in the final made it ranging from ( 25 percent _ 43 percent).
Source: albawwaba