Iraq imposes sanctions on the company “Chevron” of America

Iraq imposes sanctions on the company “Chevron” of America


Palm – decided the Iraqi Oil Ministry yesterday the prohibition of “Chevron” and prevent them from signing any oil deals with the ministry after the company bought American oil interests in Iraq’s Kurdistan province Amtyazen.

The ministry said in a statement that it would prevent the company from obtaining any contract or agreement with the central government in Baghdad and its subsidiaries, except in the case of abandoned “Chevron” for Alamtyazen, adding that the reputation and credibility of the company “Chevron” and other companies is examined today, and we are confident that Amthanha result is a total failure and should feel embarrassed by what has done. ”

The ministry said that the U.S. company has purchased shares of Indian company “Reliance” without the consent of the Ministry of Oil and the Iraqi government, knowing fully the position of the Ministry of Oil and the federal government as all the contracts signed by the Government of the Territory’s legal and illegal, being contrary to the Constitution of Iraq.

She also noted that the entry in Chevron contracts with the Kurdistan region is incompatible with the principles of transparency and public, pointing out that all the PSAs of the region have been away from the principles of transparency, openness and competition, and through secret negotiations and suspicious.

They pointed out that the crude oil produced from the territory of Kurdistan is not handed over to the Federal Ministry of Oil, but is smuggled to neighboring countries such as Iran and Turkey through smuggling networks and no one knows the amount and the proceeds of crude oil smuggler.

For its part, stressed the “Chevron” they bought last week, 80 percent of the shares of Indian company in Amtyazen Kurdistan Iraq are privileged “Rufi” and “Sarta” to become the second-largest American oil going in the footsteps of “Exxon Mobil” in that region which is witnessing a bitter dispute on the rights of oil.

In response to the Iraqi decision said, “Chevron” in a statement: “Our goal is to help Iraq achieve its objectives on oil and gas sector through participation in the opportunities that are consistent with our investment.”

In the meantime, other oil companies will be watching closely the movement of “Chevron” in Kurdistan, and the action taken by Baghdad and between those companies, “Total” French, which is expected widely to be the foreign oil company concluded the following deals in Kurdistan.

Does not have a “Chevron” the second-largest U.S. oil company after the “Exxon” to lose in the south of Iraq, as they have qualified to participate in the fourth round of contracts for Iraqi oil and gas, but chose not to participate.

It is noteworthy that the file-oil is one of the biggest points of contention between the central government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which insists that it has exclusive authority to manage oil fields and conclusion of transactions in the north, there is continuing controversy about oil and gas law which has not seen the light, although prepared by Government in 2007.
Source: nakhelnews