Central Bank: the counterfeit currency is a media statements

28/02/2012 06:56 PM

Detect Iraqi Central Bank Governor of the Bank during the coming period to cancel the zeros of the Iraqi currency in order to absorb the inflation of the Iraqi market as well as reducing the size of the Iraqi currency currently in circulation is an existing project will see the light in the coming days after the completion of it, pointing out that there is an integrated study on the matter and in the final stages of discussions, the decision was taken and must be submitted to the relevant authorities for the purpose of legislation by the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers.
Dr. Shabibi in an exclusive interview with (the people) shall be published later that the removal of zeros from the Iraqi currency at the moment was inevitable and will contribute to facilitate the work of the government and Atathirat real current economic situation, stressing that it will be canceled three zeros from the current currency will be printed six to seven categories of a new Iraqi cash.
Shabibi said that the central bank supervision and the role of Sergeant on the performance of all government and private banks and is also evaluating its performance on a regular basis which improves the performance of the banking system. 
And his view of the federal budget, which passed last week Shabibi noted that it’s budget ambition and budget execution properly is the one who will create some sort of supply and which will therefore reduce the rate of inflation happening in the country and not to influence the economic stability and needs to be an act of solidarity significant of all.
And the size of the money presented by the Central Bank in the Iraqi market, said the governor that he was more than 150 dollars Mellon on a daily basis and are purchased by the government and private banks and is subject to constant monitoring and supervision by the Central Bank of Iraq.
On the other hand denied Shabibi the existence of any negative economic impact on the spread of counterfeit currency in the local market in Iraq, noting that the issue of counterfeiting, was given a size bigger than true to size, explaining that the process of fraud are almost non-existent in the market and there was a fraud he is by people specific and does not affect the money supply in the domestic market in any way and that the bank has the financial capacity of the enormous and that through which it can influence a course of the domestic market, saying “We are preparing the largest player in the domestic market and control the course of events in economic terms, and I confirm that the currency issue false statements to the media is just to change my actual facts and not on the ground and have no real impact on real perspectiv