Al-Khalidi: Al-Kazemi’s Return For A Second Term Is “A Pipe Dream”

Al-Khalidi: Al-Kazemi’s Return For A Second Term Is “A Pipe Dream”

04/16/2022 | 1:42 PM

Al-Khalidi - Al-Kazemis Return For A Second Term Is A Pipe DreamInformation / Baghdad…

The head of the Bayarq Al-Khair bloc, former MP Muhammad Al-Khalidi, confirmed, on Saturday, that the return of the caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, for a second term is a pipe dream.

Al-Khalidi said in an interview with “The Information”, “All political forces, including the Triple Alliance, have lifted their hand from Al-Kazemi’s support for a second term, and what is currently promoting about the possibility of his return as a consensual candidate for a second term or even for a transitional government is political dreams.”

Al-Khalidi added, “The political forces of all kinds are well aware of Al-Kazemi’s mistakes in the economic and security files, and they do not want to fall into an embarrassing position in front of their audience, especially since his government’s administration has caused great harm to large segments of Iraqis, especially to the poor, through poor management of the economic file and the failure to control price fever. in the markets”.

He pointed out that “the Iraqi scene is very complicated, but the problem of political blockage will reach a stage that will push all parties to sit down to a constructive dialogue table, especially since crises call for a national stance that saves the country from crises.”

Al-Kazemi is trying, through political maneuvers, to push some forces to support him as an option to administer the next government, especially with sharp problems and differences between the political parties. finished/ 25 f