MP calls for Maliki Exxon Mobil to stop the violation of Iraqi law and contempt for him

MP calls for Maliki Exxon Mobil to stop the violation of Iraqi law and contempt for him

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 12:49

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates called a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Abdul Salam al-Maliki parliamentary Exxon Mobil to stop the continuous violations of the laws of Iraq and the international and the Iraqi people not be underestimated.

Maliki said in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Wednesday that “the insistence of Exxon Mobil’s oil to the breach of the Constitution and the sovereignty of Iraq on an ongoing basis and indifference Iraqi laws that prohibit categorically signing any contracts for investment in the oil without the consent of the central government is a guide disregard this company on the Iraqi people and lack of respect for international laws governing the investment. ”

He added that “the continuation of Exxon Mobil in this way will present provocative and indifference to significant penalties than the black list of banned companies may reach to be considered an enemy of the Iraqi people and they must remember the disregard of Blackwater security to the Iraqi people and how they paid for dearly.”

Maliki called Exxon Mobil to “rectify itself and review its position, because what’ll earn from contracts signed by the few with views known to the contrast will make it lose all times that the gain by insisting on violating Iraqi laws.”

The Iraqi government has accused Exxon Mobil violated local laws in the country because of its contract with the Government of the Kurdistan Regional Government, ignoring the center. Ended m
Source: alforatnews