Iyad Allawi reveals details of the assassination attempt in Baghdad?

Iyad Allawi reveals details of the assassination attempt in Baghdad?


Palm – attributed by Iyad Allawi, the causes of clogging the horizon of a political solution to the political crisis experienced by Iraq to abandon its partners in the political process on the implementation of the pledges received by the agreements concluded with them and to the intervention of regional and international affairs in Iraq to end the impossibility of achieving the solution only through understanding external actors arena of Iraq according to the method Lebanese, came in an interview with the “Arabs today,” Jordan.

Allawi described the political reform paper prepared by the National Alliance as to procrastinate and procrastinate and try to save the al-Maliki of the interrogation process and accountability, pointing out that the items included in the reform paper you need 70 years to discuss.

Revealed Allawi unveiled an assassination attempt in Baghdad informed the detail by Arab and other foreign did not disclose their names, what counted reason for the permanent presence outside Iraq.

Allawi did not conceal his concern over the stalled project to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki and his Parliamentary crowd, prompting the National Alliance to try to take the initiative to put reform document, which questioned its articles.

Although he ruled out any cracks in the coalition, “Iraq,” but the best components between commitment to the project of national or conduct of any option they see, but he stressed that the leadership of the “Iraqi” a cohesive, committed and consistent adherence to the fundamentals of the project of building a civil state cross of the State of sects and parties.

He stressed that any attempt to renew the mandate of al-Maliki, which ends early in 2014 will not be successful and rejected by the “Iraqi” and the Kurds and the Sadr movement and the forces of other independent.

According to former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s view that the Arab proverb “the last pharmaceutical Ironing,” a way to resolve the Iraqi crisis if the political solution have stalled efforts through free and fair elections without foreign intervention to open a gap in the wall of the crisis CSS.

– Withdrawal of confidence from Maliki’s government .. Questioned .. Determine the mandates .. Quick hit the target to reject the Party .. What are you doing?

* Our decision is to continue to adopt the issue of interrogation after Ramadan, God willing, and make the necessary preparations for that, and we are supportive and Daon subject presidencies limited to two terms only Moreover, all constitutional options on the table before us.

– Your last statement Khevcm that a U.S. official that Iran refuses to tell you your assumption of the premiership?

* Yes. – Do you think that the convergence of U.S. – Iranian on the removal of the “Iraqi” for electoral maturity? * Yes.

– And How do you explain that?

* I do not have is based on the belief that the “Iraqi” political and national project, which cling to it is intended to cross the sectarian political, regional and believes in building a civil state based on justice and the rule of law .. It was clear that both Iran and the United States and each its own reasons and different may have been an agreement and have ignored the Iraqi decision through the ballot box and the elections based on political majority (which wins the election) and not on the majority of sectarian and which did not form in the form of block time, but was formed after months several of these elections is not democracy but a clear indication that some people do not want to build a civil state based on real democracy.

– Have you heard political reform paper prepared by the National Alliance?

* No, I do not think up only as a means to dilute and delay things .. Reforms adopted in the previous assembly had not been implemented and approved the agreements in Erbil has not carried out so far has not carried out for lack of good faith nor the desire to abide by what has been agreed upon by some influential forces in the Iraqi situation to do so.

– Note your presence outside Iraq .. Why? Are you worried about attempts Asthadavkm in Baghdad?

* There are several attempts and plans to assassinate me in and outside Iraq, and that is what alerted me to it brothers, loved ones, and many a sister and a friend as well as deference to the wishes and will of the leaders of the Iraqi National Accord Movement, where the completed works of political and communicative politically linked to Iraq and the region as well as followed some health issues and family are the reasons for my absence is not only because of the threat but you are under threat since the era of Saddam and the continued threat after the fall of the regime and the current government had less than two years to officially recognize the existence of plans to assassinate me by snipers or explosives at the airport or on my way from or to it after that prevented the use of the military part of the airport.

– Organizers of the rule of law, emphasized that any limitation on the jurisdiction of Maliki should not be retroactively .. How will you deal with this interpretation?

* Both must be retroactive.

– What is the truth the American attitude of the political crisis? Is Washington abandoned its neutrality with the alleged parties to the political process?

* Long time since Washington has lost direction and because of isolation policies in the Muslim and Arab world, which makes us obliged to explain the facts of the United States and other important countries.

– There is a belief that the crisis in Iraq can not be solved unless a regional understanding?

* This is really unfortunate, but part of its health with this I am confident that Iraq will rise strongly to his decision to fully recover, God willing.

– What is your vision of the horizon of the political solution to the crisis? Is reform possible?

* According to the current situation degraded and how to deal exclusionary and loss of goodwill and confidence can not solve Iraq’s problems and perhaps a solution is possible through free and fair elections (if obtained, although it is possible) is not contaminated with the positions of regional and international influence and the use of power. My estimation, this is the only solution, perhaps not to the political crisis but the crisis of Iraq as a whole.

– Do you think that the official position of the Syrian crisis is clear and reflects the situation of the people about it or is it influenced by the positions of the other?

* Both is not clear, but the position of the Iraqi people and the world from the disaster in Syria, we are very clear rejection of what definitely committed crimes.
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