Washington establish a partnership with the Saudi regime to promote chaos in the world

Starter U.S.: Washington establish a partnership with the Saudi regime to promote chaos in the world

Wednesday July 25, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – while claiming Bush administration officials they were not provided with armed groups in Syria, in any type of weapons uncovered by the Washington Post about the role of the intelligence of America (CIA) in guiding the Syrian crisis in order to serve Washington’s interests through the collection of intelligence from neighboring countries.
And came in an article by American writer in the Washington Post, Stephen Lindeman, emphasized the role of the CIA to exchange information with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which were supplying the opposition fighters in arms that exposes what baptized him and Washington the policy of distribution of roles and sending weapons by their clients to distance themselves from any suspicion.

According to American newspaper, the elements of the (CIA) provided the Syrian opposition devices encrypted communications, which enable the United States to monitor the conversations that take place between them indicating that the number of officers of American intelligence are present along the Turkish-Syrian border are coordinating the smuggling of equipment and medical supplies to armed groups in Syria and working to examine the records of the leaders of the opposition.

The newspaper said the U.S. to the U.S. intelligence community has increased its efforts in recent months to gather information about Syria, but the difficulties encountered and the lack of presence on the ground forced to simply monitor and control communications and remote monitoring for pointing out that the lack of intelligence and its dependence on the intelligence process in the region cause the complexity of the administration’s efforts that could lead to strengthening the presence of militants sympathetic to al Qaeda or Islamic militants.

Disclosure provided by the Washington Post today indicates clearly to the supervision of a U.S. arms embargo on the inside Syria, which refutes the claims of Washington repeated not arming the Syrian opposition and only supply some of the aid of non-lethal, according to her claim because the majority of the weapons held by the Gulf regimes are US-made and can not be for Saudi Arabia Qatar and that progress on any step without the permission of the United States.

A report issued by the CIA / CNN. Aye. Er / that Lebanon is the most important rear base to support the Syrian opposition, armed with weapons and supplies because of its regions near the border of the rules of armed men, both in Homs or Damascus.

The report pointed out that the paths of smuggling weapons from Lebanon to Homs and Damascus in particular pass through the corridors, adding that there are many narrow loop runs the smuggling of arms through these passages to Syria, including a senior Lebanese official.

And said the American writer Stephen Lendman .. No wonder that the U.S. supports the Saudi regime, which is the eyes of many observers the most repressive regimes in the world, especially that Washington’s obsession with control of the region where there is a two-thirds of the world’s proven reserves of oil and large quantities of gas.

The American writer in another article published on the site Andy Media under the title “demonstrations, Saudi Arabia ..” .. On February 12, 1945 met with former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt Saudi King Ibn Saud aboard the battleship (USS Quincy), and after that the relationship between them lasted approximately (7) contracts where the United States ensured access to what it calls the U.S. State Department source of impressive power One of
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