The Iraqi president calls for the speedy issuance of the oil and gas law and the launch of a dialogue with the Kurdistan region

The Iraqi president calls for the speedy issuance of the oil and gas law and the launch of a dialogue with the Kurdistan region

February 17, 2022 01:07 PM

The Iraqi president calls for the speedy issuance of the oil and gas law and the launch of a dialogue with the Kurdistan regionMubasher: The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, called today, Thursday, for the Iraqi parliament to act immediately; To discuss the draft oil and gas law that has been postponed for years, whether by enriching its texts or submitting a new draft law from the executive authority, and approving it without complacency.

Saleh called, according to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic, to launch a serious and urgent dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government; To find realistic mechanisms that guarantee what the Federal Court wanted to implement, and to meet the constitutional entitlements of the Kurdistan region and all Iraqis, and to harness the imports for them away from corruption and mismanagement.

The President of the Republic directed the necessity of completing constitutional requirements that are absent in the existing political system, forming the Federation Council in accordance with Article 65 of the Constitution, establishing a public body concerned with guaranteeing the rights of regions and governorates in accordance with Article 105 of the Constitution, and supporting the General Authority to monitor the distribution of federal revenues that was formed The end of the year 2021 and it still needs more support and powers.

Saleh stressed the need to respect judicial decisions, and embody the spirit of the constitution in meeting the interests of all citizens, calling on the parties to assume responsibility to overcome the crisis and prevent its deterioration, stressing the need to legislate the oil and gas law, considering that the hesitation of political forces in approving it for more than a decade contributed to the Create problems and crises.

The Iraqi president noted the need to complete binding constitutional requirements, which have been postponed for years, which, along with the oil and gas law, constitute an integrated legal cover that preserves the rights of Iraqis and regulates the relationship between the federal government, the regional government and the governorates that are not organized in a region, noting that their absence contributed to creating an unfavorable atmosphere. Natural management of oil wealth in Iraq, including the Kurdistan region.

President Barham Salih said that the time has come to consider a national responsibility for the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region, which led to exposing the citizens of the region to suffering because of unfortunate and unacceptable austerity measures, such as deductions and delays in the salaries of employees and retirees, noting that the constitutional duty to guarantee the living rights of citizens and non-acceptance Putting their livelihoods in political disputes and turning them into victims.

The President renewed his call to amend the constitution, especially texts that proved inapplicable or responsible for deep crises, and supplementing and amending texts regulating the work and formation of the legislative and executive authorities, making them protectors and servants of the people and expressing their free will and independent national decision.

He directed, to respect the constitutional entitlements in the country and to complete the formation of a new government that meets the aspirations of Iraqis, as the continuation of political debates and the exchange of accusations has become absolutely unacceptable, especially since the country is facing major national challenges and entitlements that do not accept postponement under any pretext.