The coordination framework presents an initiative to get out of the “political blockage”

The coordination framework presents an initiative to get out of the “political blockage”


The coordination framework presents an initiative to get out of the political blockageThe coordination framework announced, on Wednesday, an initiative to get out of the “political blockage”, stressing that the political differences caused the constitutional deadlines to be exceeded.

The framework said in a statement, “After the political differences caused the constitutional periods to be exceeded, which we are all keen not to continue or repeat in order to serve our Iraqi people and to cooperate seriously in advancing state institutions and removing the obstacles that stand in the way of construction and reconstruction, we present this national initiative.” To get out of this political blockage and open up prospects for cooperation and partnership to serve the country.

The initiative included “inviting all political forces and national figures to start a new phase of communication and dialogue to achieve the constitutional requirements and complete the sovereign positions in order to achieve a real partnership in managing the country that belongs to all citizens.”

And the statement continued, “After the recent explanation issued by the Federal Court regarding the timing of the most numerous parliamentary bloc, which gave more time to be invested for understanding and dialogue and to give priority to the public interest of the country and to miss the opportunity on projects that want to harm political stability, the security of the country and civil peace, we extend our hands to The political forces concerned with forming the most numerous parliamentary bloc,” he added, “we single out the brothers in the Sadrist movement, political entities and independent parliamentary personalities to sit down, meet, and debate about forming the most numerous bloc in a new way to serve the country and the largest national component. in the public service.”

The framework stressed the need for the “most numerous parliamentary bloc to agree on the criteria for selecting a strong, efficient, wise prime minister who is able to cross the stage, and the specifications for forming the government cabinet in accordance with standards of integrity and efficiency, to be faithful to the sovereign decision that preserves Iraq’s security and independence, and to be able to take strategic decisions that advance the country’s reality.” service in a manner that guarantees the restoration of life in the agricultural and industrial sectors, support for the national product and the private sector, and treatment of the deprived, in a manner that contributes to eliminating the specter of unemployment that threatens large groups of young people, graduates and owners of poor families.

The framework declared, “we are fully prepared to interact positively with all the propositions, ideas and visions that will be presented by our partners in the homeland, with whom we share one destiny, and we all have a common responsibility to end the political impasse that the country suffers from,” calling for solidarity and cooperation “to defend Iraq as a homeland.” We are all guaranteed and that we do our best to serve the Iraqis as a people and people who have suffered greatly over the past period.”