The Election Of The Three Presidencies And The Absurdity Of Holding The Elections.

The Election Of The Three Presidencies And The Absurdity Of Holding The Elections.

02/08/2022 | 3:16 PM

The Election Of The Three Presidencies And The Absurdity Of Holding The ElectionsHadi Khairy Al-Karini

In Iraq, the elections have no meaning, there is no language that governs but the language of weapons, and the thug who has arms is not subject to the constitution and the law takes twice as much as he deserves and can overthrow the government even if he has one deputy..

The text of the constitution and the law Any party that has an armed faction is not entitled to run for office or participate in the elections. In reality, any party that does not have an armed faction will not get a seat in the House of Representatives…

What happened in the last election cycle?

It was proven by the Federal Court that the elections were rigged and in violation of the law, but it rejected the case because it was not within its jurisdiction and not to repeat the matter, i.e. not to use the electronic or automatic counting device because the Commission was unable to control it because it is controlled by a country that loves Iraq very much and seeks to destroy it with everything it has and with the complicity of the Sunni Arabs, the Kurds and part of The Shiite component does not benefit from humiliation or blame because they are supported by the occupier and any objector has a tail and must receive blame and betrayal with the silence of the people of solution and contract in this country.

Of course, there are keys that were impossible for any mess in Iraq, and they reached it and began to play openly in the Iraqi situation during the day, and the matter reached the exclusion of all Shiites from the administration of the state and with a regional intervention!

As follows:

Sunni Arab representatives were gathered in Turkey, the Emirates, and Jordan, and they imposed on them that the former Speaker of the House of Representatives be himself.

In addition, the voting session in the House of Representatives cost $90 million during the day, openly and shamelessly, and the payment was made in cash!

The question is who paid this amount?

Representatives representing the black Tishreen who burned the green and dry for the sake of (we want a homeland), and all of them slaying uprooting and corruption, voted for the same people who burned Iraq in order to expel them with Emirati funding, the Mossad administration and the supervision of the American embassy!

Why was that done?

And if you wonder, I see you forever

In addition, there is a recommendation from the Kurdish leadership to unite the ranks of the Sunni Arabs, to disperse the matter of the largest component, to confiscate it, and to prevent it from participating in the administration of the state.

They started step by step except for counterfeiting!

The Shiites and the law acquiesced to forgery!

Then sabotaging the first session and expelling the Shiites from the parliament base by creating chaos and representation that was fabricated and deceived the Shiite component. Its hero, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, who claimed that he had been beaten, then retreated and said fatigue and tiredness and appeared smiling and justified it to ward off sedition

The recommended was elected regionally, and this is not reaping, but statements made by the leader, Mishaan al-Jubouri, without any embarrassment.

Then we moved to electing the President of the Republic, and if a minister argued for his corruption, even the Kurds voted for his dismissal, then said his dismissal is political, and then wanted to pass it by half plus one. Were it not for the Federal Court, after it saw that things, if they continued like this, there would be no meaning for their survival.

She said the constitution says two-thirds, and this contains a constitutional text that does not require diligence, and the jurisprudential rule says there is no diligence in exchange for the text!

They forced the court to strive for the existence of a text. If they recognized a law, a constitution, or a custom, they would not have resorted to the court for that!

Then it appeared that the hot candidate was accused before the judiciary, and he was brought in and rejected, forcing the court to strive again in front of a legal and constitutional text that is one of the conditions of the President of the Republic of good conduct and not to be accused of corruption!

And the House of Representatives considered it fulfilling the conditions, in violation of the constitutional and legal rules.

Iraq is doomed to follow the wisdom of the corrupt, and this is a perjury in Yemen. The House of Representatives must be dissolved, and we demand the coordination framework to file a lawsuit against the House of Representatives for perjuring it in Yemen and passing it is required to the judiciary, although the matter is settled in favor of those who passed it, but the law must be used, perhaps one day we will reach that the law and the constitution Is the faisal and not the weapon?

Barham has his space in front of him and the coordinating framework should not renew the confidence in him because he betrayed them and they are the ones who brought him to the presidency. It is only true that they are the mother of the boy, and if they repeat, he will betray them again and again because he does not respect the principle of my separation and he did not apologize and never said I am an Iraqi, he was more severe than the Mossad on the Shiites!

Then the boycott maneuver began, and the Shiites noticed this maneuver and began to deal well and decided not to attend if the quorum and understanding of a national figure to be the President of the Republic was not achieved!

They did not obey the deception that they are the most affected by the continuation of the constitutional vacuum due to the continuation of the three presidencies that destroyed the Shiites and tried to exclude them from running the state with all they had!

The continuation of the situation and the constitutional vacuum will lead to the reversal of the Shiites’ exclusion and the failure of the plan to exclude them. If the situation continues as it is, resort to the street to say its word and not be afraid, because those in charge of the matter now have tasted the people’s woe from starvation, marginalization, and tampering with state resources and destructive agreements. For every modern incident, we must be patient. Al-Matoulah, non-compliance, and lack of trust in all partners, and everyone, I mean, those who allied themselves and produced the situation now.