Iraq lacks a system of “quota” in determining the prices .. and inflation will increase during the month of Ramadan

Baghdad (news) .. Favored the Director of the Office International Consulting and Economic Studies reconcile inhibitor increased rates of inflation during the holy month of Ramadan due to increased prices, with limited financial income of Oatn, adding that Iraq lacks a system of “quota” of the business processes to determine prices.

said inhibitor (agency news): The Iraq has a system of “quota” which made a confusion in the process of economic and trade in the country, which means in the trading system and a fixed roof of the prices imposed by the government to merchants and shop owners and requiring them to sell goods and materials at the price specified under any circumstances.

He added that high prices during the month current of Ramadan will affect economic activity in the country through high rates of inflation because of price increases with the weakness of the purchasing power of citizens, adding that he will also affect the local currency by increasing the demand for the dollar and make the exchange rate volatile, especially the dinar is now experiencing a decline against the dollar .