U.S. magazine: Washington may be used to topple Qatar (Al Saud)

U.S. magazine: Washington may be used to topple Qatar (Al Saud)

Sunday July 22, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
Addressed the magazine “Vanity Fair” in an article entitled “Limits on the sand” vision of former diplomats and political analysts for the future of the Middle East. All of whom were with the division of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Where Iraq is already divided and remains on the role of Saudi Arabia.

It has been suggested two U.S. Michael Davey and Ralph Peters FC in Saudi Arabia Mqalathma split into several states which would destroy the monopoly of Saudi oil exports. As the Middle East is located in the fifth position of the countries that supply oil to the United States. The increased oil imports to the U.S. in the recent period from Venezuela, Canada and the countries of West Africa, Nigeria and Mexico.

In addition, the United States began to develop their fields, seeking to reduce the amount of dependence on oil-exporting countries. The oil from the Persian Gulf to go to China and Europe, it is natural that helps to control the division of Saudi Arabia strategic competitors of the United States.

The paper said that the basis for the media is ready to strike Saudi Arabia by the U.S., has announced two U.S. soldiers in the Senate when making their statements on the events of September 11, 2001 for the possible involvement of Saudi Arabia in the events.

When he said a former member of Bob Grimm confidence in the existence of a connection between the terrorist groups that stood behind these events and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The supporters of this novel that the Saudi princes have always sent large amounts of funds to several terrorist organizations, including the “Al Qaeda”. It is possible at any time to collect all this data to be a weapon against Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper added the possibility of American use of Qatar, a country which has proven activity in the overthrow of Mu `ammar al-Qadhafi and making great efforts to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad, to weaken the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Especially after the emergence of information on the Internet about the existence of a video, saying the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa said the Saudi regime is falling inevitable Boaada country.

The addition is said that the Emir of Qatar stressed that the Government of the United States and Britain asked him to display a detailed report on the situation in Saudi Arabia and expressed their desire to overthrow the ruling regime. It is possible that this is a misrepresentation of interested parties, but that there is no doubt that Qatar is one of the most important financiers of “Arab spring”.

Her must currently monitor the evolution of the political situation in Saudi Arabia with precision. Because there is a sense that the next scene in the drama, titled “Greater Middle East”, which is about redrawing the map of the world for the benefit of America will be in Riyadh. And the policy of Saudi Arabia is cautiously working to bring this end
Source: alrayy