Al-Shabki: There Will Be No Budget For 2022

Al-Shabki: There Will Be No Budget For 2022

2021/12/29 | 7:35 PM

Al-Shabki - There Will Be No Budget For 2022Information/special

The former member of the Finance Committee, Muhammad Al-Shabki, suggested, on Wednesday, that next year will not witness the approval of any new budget for Iraq due to the political circumstances.

A member of Al-Shabki said, in a statement to the “Information” agency, that “the new parliament will not have enough time in light of the current circumstances to discuss and approve a new budget for the country, and thus the economic files will be carried forward to the year 2023.”

Regarding the statement of the Minister of Finance, Ben Al-Shabki, “the minister had to explain the reasons and not make the statements in an alarming manner, and that Iraq is suffering from a crisis in resources and its dependence on oil is not enough.”

He pointed out that “the situation and political logic prevent the application of many laws related to taxes and customs duties that help raise the level of resources and cover new and current expenditures.”

The Minister of Finance had warned of the lack of financial liquidity after 10 years from now, and employees may be laid off due to lack of salaries and coverage. Done / 25 SR