Trump: There will be no America in three years for this reason

Trump: There will be no America in three years for this reason


Trump - There will be no America in three years for this reasonFormer US President Donald Trump said he is not currently thinking of winning the 2024 election, because there will be no America in three years, because of current President Joe Biden.

In statements published by the American magazine “Newsweek”, Donald Trump insisted that he lost the 2020 elections, due to fraud, although most officials denied these allegations, including Attorney General William Barr, who confirmed that there is no evidence of this.

“I’ve got a lot of good people saying to me, ‘Sir, forget the year 2020,'” Trump said. “You’re going to win the next election and you’re at the top of the polls, and you’re going to win… and I’m saying we’re not going to have a country in three years.”

He added, “This guy (Joe Biden) did it in nine months… He destroyed our country… And I come back and say: Make America Great Again… That’s always been my theme, and we’re going to have to keep America great… America isn’t great now.. America.” A laughing stock all over the world.”

Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for what he described as the “terrible tragedy” that occurred at the end of last August in Afghanistan, as a suicide attack at Kabul airport killed more than 180 people, including 13 American soldiers, during the American account. .

Trump also blamed Biden for the sharp increase in the number of people arrested while trying to sneak into America across the US-Mexico border.

Trump referred to the 2020 elections, saying that the local press did not write about fraud in those elections, because “he and his allies are very close to proving it.”

He continued, “They don’t want to expose the fraud… They will do anything to stop it… And when you hear the silence, when you hear all of that, that’s what they want; Silence”.

So far, Trump has not confirmed whether he will run for the presidency in 2024, for the Republican Party, although a number of US opinion polls in recent months have shown that he is ahead of Biden in popularity.