Saudi newspaper: Al-Kazemi was targeted to liquidate him, not to warn him

Saudi newspaper: Al-Kazemi was targeted to liquidate him, not to warn him

2021-11-15 09:19

Saudi newspaper - Al-Kazemi was targeted to liquidate him not to warn himShafaq News/ The Saudi newspaper, Asharq Al-Awsat, reported today, Monday, that the targeting of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi was to assassinate him and not to warn him, noting that satellite images showed that drones entered Iraq a month before the targeting.

The newspaper pointed out that “new information about the assassination attempt and the field conditions that preceded it are identical,” and quoted a senior political source as saying that “the initial data indicate that the party that planned and executed the operation “did not intend to send warning messages to Al-Kazemi, but rather to liquidate him.”

According to the newspaper’s information, “whoever tried to assassinate Al-Kazemi, tried to exploit the constitutional gap by not ratifying the election results and the absence of an elected parliament.”

The “high political source” told the newspaper: “We have no doubts that the assassination attempt is a final liquidation of the outcome of last October’s elections.”

On the other hand, another source revealed, to the newspaper, that “the preliminary investigations into the assassination attempt, and through satellite images, showed the entry of a shipment of drones into the country a month before the targeting, which may indicate the possibility of other targeting, and also denies the circulated narrative that the drones and their bombs homemade”.

The newspaper believes, “The ongoing investigations, and their findings, allow Al-Kazemi to pursue the perpetrators and planners to try to assassinate him,” but the high-ranking political source spoke of “difficult and destructive options” that the situation in the country may go to, “if we go to the clash.”

The source said, to the newspaper, that Al-Kazemi made his decision that “safe access” is necessary to judicial ratification of the election results, “without being drawn into a conflict that opens a wide door to chaos.”