The Commission reveals the reason for opening the appeals again

The Commission reveals the reason for opening the appeals again

2021.11.02 – 11:26

The Commission reveals the reason for opening the appeals againBaghdad – people

The High Elections Commission clarified, on Tuesday, the reasons for opening the appeals door again, indicating the mechanism for dealing with the submitted appeals, confirming the conformity of the election results in most stations.

The Director of Media and Mass Communication at the Electoral Commission, Hassan Salman, said in a statement to the official agency followed by “Nass” (November 2, 2021), that “the commission opened the door for appeals again to provide evidence, as the commission referred the appeals to the elections, and recommended this referral, which has new evidence. Regarding the appeals submitted, he can submit them within three days, since most of those who submitted appeals are without evidence,” noting that “the Commission was given three days to present evidence.”

He added that “the results of the elections in most of the stations were identical, through the monitoring of the electoral process partners, as the party agents and the international and local monitoring teams watched the manual counting and sorting,” stressing that “most of the results of the electoral stations were identical.”

He pointed out that “there is an opinion of the judiciary about the elections, and changes occur all the time.”

He explained, “The ratification of the election results is after the completion and conclusion of all the appeals submitted, after taking their scope from the Judicial Authority for Elections, which has the right of veto by a Board of Commissioners, and it can ratify all of them, and it is not limited to a specific time.”

He stressed, “There is no specific period for ratifying the election results, until all appeals are exhausted, after which the result is referred to the Board of Commissioners, to be decided upon, and the names of the winners, who are 329 candidates, are liquidated, and then referred to the Federal Court for approval of the results.”