Member of Oil Commission: Enactment of the oil and gas file will eliminate the differences

A member of the Commission on oil and energy Qassim Mohammed Qasem said that the enactment of the oil and gas will solve the differences existing on the file of oil.

and a file-oil at a point of tension between the federal government and the Kurdistan region as it rejects the federal government oil contracts concluded by the Government of the Territory, declaring them unconstitutional while Government insists the territory as illegal.

Kassem said, according to (Euphrates News) The law of oil and gas of the most important laws, the most serious because it regulates the File-oil, which constitutes more than 90% of imports of the nation’s coffers. “

and added that the absence of this law makes some people interpret any act done by that legal and that the government is doing Federal licensing rounds are not based on any constitutional text. “ He pointed out that the enactment of the oil and gas makes everyone in front of their powers and determined them to be does not make them as young as the limits of their powers, which would eliminate the differences existing on the file-oil. “

The dispute between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region on file, the oil has been exacerbated recently after the feet of the region on the export of oil extracted in its territory to Turkey to meet the shortfall in oil products processed by the federal government after it decided to be reduced according to the word Kurdish officials, and the Federal Government after contacting the Turkish authorities to stop the importation of oil from the the Kurdistan region, but the latter refused, saying the legitimacy of the contracts signed with the Kurdistan Regional Government.