Tariq Harb identifies the “only legal scenario” to cancel the October elections

Tariq Harb identifies the “only legal scenario” to cancel the October elections

2021.10.29 – 13:03

Tariq Harb identifies the only legal scenario to cancel the October electionsBaghdad – people

On Friday, legal expert, Tariq Harb, presented the legal scenario in which the elections could be cancelled.

In a clarification that Nass received, a copy of it (October 29, 2021), Harb said that “cancelling the elections that have reached their final stages, canceling the electoral results, or canceling the counting and sorting processes requires the presence of a parliament, and since the previous parliament has finished its role, it is necessary to wait.” That the new House of Representatives hold its sessions, as the electoral process must be completed, the final results announced, and the final results approved by the Supreme Court.

Harb added that the scenario of canceling the elections “must be decided by a legislative authority, that is, the new parliament and not any other authority, whether the presidency, the prime minister or the judiciary. The Complaints Board of Commissioners begins the appeals period, i.e. the discrimination of the commission’s decisions before the Judicial Committee for Elections, whose ruling is final and final, after which the final results are presented to the Supreme Court for approval of the electoral results.

And the legal expert continued, “After the approval of the Supreme Court, a republican decree is issued to invite the winners of the elections to hold the first session of the new House of Representatives headed by the oldest winner, elect a speaker for the new House of Representatives, and then this House of Representatives elects a president of the republic, and then the new House of Representatives can legislate a new law. The elections include canceling the previous elections and canceling their results, with the dissolution of Parliament and setting dates for new elections, in order for the dissolution law to be ratified and new elections held by the President of the Republic and published in the Official Gazette.

Harb stressed that this is the only scenario “for these elections to end with the consequent electoral results, and all this is due to the desire and will of the majority of the votes of the members of the new House of Representatives,” ruling out the possibility of this being achieved “in view of the inability to imagine the members of the new House of Representatives agreeing to give up Their seats, their tendency to remain in power, and their playing a role in choosing the new government.”