Iraq’s holdings of US bonds decreased to $19 billion

Iraq’s holdings of US bonds decreased to $19 billion

Tuesday 12 October 2021 | 10:20 am

Iraqi Dinar-DollarOn Tuesday, the US Treasury announced that Iraq’s holdings of US bonds decreased to 19 billion dollars during the month of July .

According to a schedule issued by the Treasury, “Iraq’s possession of US Treasury bonds for the month of July decreased by 10.1% to reach $19.047 billion, after it was $21.187 billion in the month of June .”

The table also showed, “These bonds are still higher than the month of December of the year 2020, by 11%, when Iraq’s possession of bonds amounted to 17.1 billion dollars .”

According to the US Treasury, “Iraqi bonds include long-term guarantees of $8.843 billion and short-term guarantees of $10.204 billion .”

She pointed out that “the most countries in possession of US bonds are Japan, at 1.310 trillion dollars, followed by China, at 1.068 trillion dollars, followed by Britain, at 539 billion dollars .”

In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia comes at the forefront of the most possessing countries, with a value of 128.1 billion dollars, followed by the UAE with 58 billion dollars, Kuwait third with 46 billion dollars, then Iraq with 19.047 billion dollars, and Qatar fifth with 6.6 billion dollars.