Iraq is isolated from the world for two days.. these details

Iraq is isolated from the world for two days.. these details

Thursday 30 September 2021 | 09:15 am

Iraq is isolated from the world for two days.. these detailsThe Supreme Security Committee for the elections in Iraq announced new directives related to the polling day scheduled for the tenth of next October regarding airports, ports and motorcycles .

The spokesman for the committee, Brigadier General Ghaleb Al-Attiyah, told the official news agency, “The movement between the governorates will be limited and all airports and border crossings will be closed from the ninth of October to the morning of the eleventh of the same month. ”

He added that “these measures came to secure the full protection of the electoral process,” stressing that “motorcycles will also be prohibited inside cities and movement of the rest of the vehicles will be made available in order to facilitate the movement of voters from their homes to the electoral centers .”

He added that “other measures were taken to facilitate the movement of people with special needs and the disabled and to provide them with assistance to reach the electoral centers,” noting that “the Elections Security Committee issued directives and orders to the sub-committees in all governorates .”

The Supreme Security Committee for Elections also announced its readiness for the polling day, noting that it had conducted a comprehensive review of the potential security challenges and risks and developed appropriate solutions to them .

The legislative elections are scheduled to take place on Sunday, the tenth of next October, when the government and the commission announced the completion of technical, logistical and security preparations for this.