Iraq begins the first steps to build a nuclear reactor

Iraq begins the first steps to build a nuclear reactor

2021-09-09 08:24

Iraq begins the first steps to build a nuclear reactorShafaq News/ The Iraqi government approached the International Atomic Energy Agency, to allocate nuclear fuel to Baghdad, as part of its project to establish a special nuclear reactor to produce electricity, according to previous agreements dating back to 1980.

A government source told Shafaq News Agency, that the Iraqi government asked the International Atomic Energy Agency to allocate fuel for the year 2030 and research the possibility of Iraq to restore this activity. Prime Minister’s Office.

Iraq, which suffers from a great shortage of electricity, has announced its endeavor to build eight nuclear power reactors by 2030 to produce eight thousand megawatts per month of electricity, or 25 percent of its total needs, which may reduce its dependence on the outside.

The Russian state nuclear energy company “Rosatom” confirmed that it is negotiating with Iraq “a full program of work for possible cooperation on the applications of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes in the fields of energy and other fields.”

The cost of this Iraqi project is $40 billion.

It was revealed last April that Iraq is in talks with France, Russia and the United States to build nuclear reactors for civilian purposes.

The Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission was established in 1956, and Baghdad tried to develop nuclear weapons in the 1970s until the outbreak of war with Iran (1980-1988). After the Gulf War (1991) that followed the invasion of Kuwait, Iraq allowed UN weapons inspectors into the country, and by 1994, they were satisfied with the dismantling of Iraq’s nuclear program. In 1998, the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein stopped allowing international inspectors to enter the country.

The United Nations Security Council lifted restrictions on Iraq’s nuclear activities in 2010, and signed the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Protocol on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.