Standing behind it are political figures.. Al-Kazemi’s office reveals details of thwarting an attempt to rig the elections

Standing behind it are political figures.. Al-Kazemi’s office reveals details of thwarting an attempt to rig the elections

2021-09-01 05:57

Standing behind it are political figures.. Al-Kazemis office reveals details of thwarting an attempt to rig the electionsShafaq News/ The office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi revealed, on Wednesday, the details of thwarting attempts to rig the elections, indicating that political forces were behind these attempts by putting pressure on the commission, while distancing himself from the “Green Lady” website.

The office said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that its security services succeeded, under the direct supervision of the Iraqi judiciary, in implementing a proactive operation that thwarted an attempt to rig the elections by putting pressure on a number of Electoral Commission employees; With the aim of mixing political cards and creating chaos.

He added that after careful technical investigations by the investigative bodies, and under the direct supervision of the judiciary, the security services were able to arrest a number of suspects in a group that tried to rig the elections, by investing their relations with employees of the Electoral Commission; With the aim of provoking information and political chaos in Iraq, through a network of electronic communication sites, including a site called “The Green Lady”, noting that those in charge of this site tried by various means to suggest that it is linked to the office of the Prime Minister, or its employees, or the advisors of the Prime Minister. .

And he indicated that “unfortunately, some media outlets, specifically those affiliated with some political forces, repeated these false slanders, without scrutiny and in a manner that lacks professionalism and fairness, and in what is a blatant violation of the law and professional principles.”

And the statement continued, “Justice found its way to prove the invalidity of these lies and the falseness of their promoters, and even the involvement of some of them in electronic gangs, and after deepening investigations and seizing criminal assets, including, for example, the election cards of one of the accused, and the arrest of a number of those in charge of this group and With their help, and the analysis of computers and associated communications, a network of those responsible for the case was reached, whether with funding, encouragement or assistance, including current and former political and parliamentary figures, and some employees of the Electoral Commission; The office of the Prime Minister is balanced by all political forces.

He pointed out that “the investigation into this case and other issues and all those responsible for it is continuing, and those involved will be brought to justice.”

The Prime Minister’s Office affirmed, “The government will continue to implement its commitments to secure fair and fair elections, provide all its requirements, and maintain its neutral responsibility for competition in the electoral process and support it.” It is trying to offend this role, or mix papers and falsify facts, or accuse the Prime Minister’s office unfairly and slanderously, or try to derail the elections, including combating the phenomenon of organized electronic groups, which cause confusion, spread fraud, and threaten public stability.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq announced the formation of a team of investigative judges to monitor attempts to rig the general elections scheduled in the country on the tenth of next October.

On August 26, the Supreme Judicial Council announced that judicial investigations had brought down a group that was professional in electronic extortion, which was trying to tamper with the election results.

According to a statement issued by the council, the competent investigative judge clarified that judicial investigations based on scientific means led to the discovery of a group of people who are professional in electronic extortion.