Iraq raises its holdings of US bonds to 21.2 billion dollars

Iraq raises its holdings of US bonds to 21.2 billion dollars

Monday 23 August 2021 | 11:00 am

Iraqi Dinar-DollarThe US Treasury Department announced that Iraq raised its holdings of US bonds to $21.2 billion during the month of June .

The Treasury said in its table that “Iraq raised its balance of purchasing US Treasury bonds by 23.98% to reach $21.187 billion, after it was $17.1 billion in December 2020:”, indicating that “the bonds include long-term guarantees of $9.217 billion and short guarantees.” term of $11.970 billion .

And she added, “Iraq’s stock of bonds decreased during the past year, after it was 31.9 billion dollars in January 2020, to decrease to 30.9 billion dollars in February of the same year, to decrease to 30.7 in March and to rise again in the month of April to 32.5, and in May it reached 32.6 billion dollars.” To decrease again in June to $31.6 billion, then to $29 billion in July, and then decrease again in August to $27.1 billion, and drop in September to $24.4 billion, then to $21.6 billion in October and reach 19.8 billion in November. And to conclude the year with a decrease of 17.1 billion dollars .

She pointed out that “the largest holder of US bonds is Japan, with a value of 1.277 billion dollars, followed by China, with a rate of 1.062 billion dollars, followed by Britain, with a value of 453 billion dollars .”

In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of the most possessing countries, with a value of 127.8 billion dollars, followed by the UAE with 60.8 billion dollars, Kuwait third with 47.3 billion dollars, then Iraq with 21.2 billion dollars, and Qatar fifth with 8.5 billion dollars.