US report: Let it be remembered.. This is what will happen after the 2022 withdrawal from Iraq

US report: Let it be remembered.. This is what will happen after the 2022 withdrawal from Iraq

2021-07-30 02:24

US report - Let it be remembered.. This is what will happen after the 2022 withdrawal from IraqShafaq News/ While experts and analysts in the Middle East are wondering whether ending the combat role of the United States in Iraq will negatively affect American counter-terrorism operations against the extremist remnants of ISIS in Syria, American officials have not announced, until now, any change in the military mission in northeastern Syria.

“Voice of America” ​​radio, in a report translated by Shafak News Agency, stated that “about 900 American soldiers provide support to the Kurdish-led (Syrian Democratic Forces) as part of a major coalition in the fight against ISIS.”

The war against ISIS in Syria

And the American radio quoted the researcher in Syrian affairs, Sadr Al-Din Kino, who follows the military developments in the country, as saying that “separating the American military mission in Syria from the one in Iraq is difficult.”

Kino added, according to the report, that “unlike the situation in Iraq, the US military presence in Syria was not at the invitation of the Syrian government,” noting that “this fact makes Iraq enjoy an important position for the United States to successfully implement its mission in Syria.”

Kino considered, “The SDF is a non-state actor, and therefore it is imperative for the United States to rely on an allied government in Iraq to ensure that its operation in Syria remains robust in terms of logistics and other issues related to the transportation of supplies.”

On Monday, US President Joe Biden announced that US forces would end their combat responsibilities in Iraq by the end of this year.

After a meeting at the White House with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Biden said that US forces will continue to train, assist, and deal with ISIS as it emerges.

Currently, there are about 2,500 American soldiers in Iraq, and Biden did not mention the number of those who will remain in Iraq during 2022.

The radio indicated in its report, that “the US military does not link its operations in Iraq with Syria, but the Pentagon treats its participation in Syria as part of the broader global effort to fight ISIS.”

Kurdistan Region

The radio also quoted Nicholas Heras, a senior analyst at the New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy in Washington, as saying that “the US military effort in Syria depends in particular on the continued presence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.”

And the radio clarified, according to Heras, that “the United States has a large military base in Erbil, and it has become one of the most important staging areas in the Middle East.”

Heras said during his speech to “Voice of America” ​​radio, that “the lines of communication and ground support from Kurdistan to northeastern Syria are the most important for the continuation of US operations to support the Syrian Democratic Forces,” pointing out that there are no “indications of the United States withdrawing from its base in Erbil.”

In response to a question from “Voice of America” ​​whether the Iraqi government will continue to allow US forces to use Iraqi bases to support their operations against ISIS in Syria, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein said that “the US military forces in Syria enjoy a special status, and Iraq is not involved in that”.

And the Iraqi minister had said, last Monday, during a press conference in Washington after the meeting with Biden and Al-Kazemi, that “Iraq always discusses with the Americans the presence of ISIS in Syria, because its presence there clearly constitutes a threat to Iraq as well.”

As for Tennessee State University professor Kermanj Gundy, who writes about Kurdish regional politics, he says that in addition to the impact it will have on the war on ISIS, “any change in the status of the presence of US forces in eastern Syria could have political repercussions on American interests in the country.” “.

Withdrawal encourages the Iranians

And if the decision to end the US combat mission in Iraq leads to “changing the current US presence in Syria, it will certainly embolden Iran and its allies in Syria, as well as endanger the partners of the United States,” Gundy said.

In recent months, US bases in Syria have been subjected to several attacks that Washington blamed on Iranian-backed militias, and US bases in Iraq, including the one in Erbil, were targeted with missiles fired by Iranian-backed groups.