US site: Biden finished the combat mission in Iraq on paper!

US site: Biden finished the combat mission in Iraq on paper!

Wednesday 28 July 2021 | 11:46 am

US site - Biden finished the combat mission in Iraq on paperA report by the American (Reason) website confirmed that saying that the American forces in Iraq are for “training and advising” and not “fighting” may seem nice, but it does not keep them out of harm’s way .

The report stated, “Biden’s announcement after his meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister that the tasks of the American forces may seem like a good thing on the surface, but as it is said, the devil lies in the details. With a closer look, we discover that the American forces will never leave Iraq .”

He added, “The Pentagon and other officials in the US administration revealed that only a small part of the remaining 2,500 troops in Iraq will be withdrawn and will reclassify the roles of those remaining on paper, and the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, did not specify the number of US forces that will remain in Iraq, which It indicates that there may not even be a real withdrawal, let alone a complete departure .”

What could have been a promising end to another bloody theater of US intervention in the Middle East is in fact an unclimatic maintenance of the status quo. The Iraq option, which is held against Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, seems less logical. If the president feels it is time for Afghans to “decide their own future and how they want to run their country,” and if he questions the meaning of leaving US forces in Afghanistan where their lives are at stake, why not apply that logic to Iraq? “.

For his part, Senior Adviser to Veterans of War, Dan Caldwell, a veteran of the invasion of Iraq, said, “The presence of US forces in Iraq is not required for our safety, our conditions, or our prosperity, and it will not fundamentally change the direction in which Iraq is heading .”

The report stated that “supporters of the American intervention in Iraq revealed that the survival of the United States aims to confront the threats of Iran and the resistance factions, and therefore the task is not over yet, and the United States has invested a lot of money and manpower until this moment, so it is too early for the American forces to leave completely, which It means continuing the logic of war for eternity and finding a justification for staying involved in Iraqi affairs .”

Caldwell pointed out that “leaving the forces on the ground in Iraq, regardless of their nominal number, means exposing them to harm, indicating that the American service members in Iraq are likely to be subjected to repeated missile attacks, which will not distinguish between combative and non-combat forces, and the resistance factions will continue to look at the American forces.” In the country, they are easily attainable targets,” noting that “this distinction between the mission of combat and training forces will not change anything about the reality of their presence and their frequent targeting.”