The lowest since 2003 … Gallup: 78% of Iraqis do not trust Al-Kazemi’s government

The lowest since 2003 … Gallup: 78% of Iraqis do not trust Al-Kazemi’s government

Wednesday 26 May 2021 | 10:34 a.m.

The lowest since 2003 ... Gallup: 78 percent of Iraqis do not trust Al-Kazemis governmentA Gallup poll conducted by the Washington Institute and published in a report, Tuesday, confirmed that 78% of Iraqis are dissatisfied with the performance of the current government, stressing that the Al-Kazemi government must act quickly if it is to avoid a possible popular uprising among dissatisfied Shiites in Iraq .

The report stated that “according to the poll, the Iraqi Shiites showed particularly high rates of dissatisfaction, distrust and unhappiness with regard to their political system, compared to the Sunnis and the Kurds .”

He added, “The Gallup International project is a long-term project to assess the state of public opinion in Iraq towards democracy and governance in the country, and the overall goal of the project is to determine whether the state of public opinion in the country is on a path that leads to a well-functioning, sustainable pluralist democracy. While the first survey in the project was conducted in April 2021, the project will periodically track key situations in Iraq in order to better understand the societal foundations of the existing political system .

He continued, “The recent poll, which was based on a nationwide face-to-face representative sample of 1,200 interviews, remains pessimistic about Iraqis in general and the Shiites in particular about the government’s orientation. In January 2021, Iraqi Shiite confidence in the government reached 27 percent, while the confidence of Sunnis in the federal government by 46 percent and Kurdish confidence by 55 percent . ”

And he continued, “The level of confidence in the Al-Kazemi government is at its lowest level ever. In last April’s poll, 22 percent of Iraqis in total and only 17 percent of Shiites express their confidence in the government. The latest poll also showed that 75 percent of Iraqis in general believe that the country Going in the wrong direction, while this percentage rose among Shiites to reach 80 percent, which is the lowest level of optimism about the country’s future since 2003. ”

The poll showed that “while about 50 percent of Sunnis and Kurds believe that they cannot influence the decisions made in Iraq, the percentage jumps to 60 percent among Shiites, and by the same token, 60 percent of Sunnis feel that not all people are treated fairly and equally. By the government, while 70 percent of Shiites believe it too . ”

The report indicated that “there is a huge crisis of confidence in the Iraqi government, and since this is the largest rate among the Shiite community in Iraq, the most important group for the government for its political support, this means that the societal basis for the legitimacy of the government in Iraq is largely lacking, and this lack of community support. It may mean more political instability in the country, and it also means that many of the Iraqi public view its government as a cause of problems rather than a solution to many of the economic, social and political challenges in Iraq.