Only 50 dinars … Telecom announces a “landline” and the Internet in Baghdad

Only 50 dinars … Telecom announces a “landline” and the Internet in Baghdad

2021.05.22 – 09:07

Only 50 dinars ... Telecom announces a landline and the Internet in BaghdadBaghdad – People

The Ministry of Communications announced, on Saturday, the provision of high-speed internet lines with voice communication, by subscribing to the FTTH (government) optical cable project.

In a statement to the official newspaper, followed by Nass (May 22, 2021), the media and relations officer at the Ministry’s Public Communications and Informatics Company, Enas Chalabi, stated that “the company has already started selling internet lines and the beginning was in the Al-Adl and Al-Hurriya neighborhoods in Baghdad,” confirming that “The experiment will be generalized among the rest of the regions, successively, as part of the ministry’s plan to promote the Internet service provided to citizens at competitive prices.”

She added that “the price of a minute for a call within the project’s network from one optical phone to another is only five dinars, while the price from a optical phone to a mobile phone is 50 dinars,” noting “the allocation of special numbers to book lines through the customer service program.”

The ministry had announced in November of last year that it was “about to complete the delivery of millions of high-speed Internet lines to every home, in addition to (landline phone) almost free of charge.”