An advisor to Kazemi calls for activating the law {22}

An advisor to Kazemi calls for activating the law {22}

04/25/2021 07:40:42

An advisor to Kazemi calls for activating the law 22{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The economic advisor to the prime minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, called for the activation of the Companies Law No. 22 of 1997, which allows the transfer of public companies to public shareholding.

Saleh said in a press interview, “The application of the Public Companies Law No. 22 of 1997 allows giving the workers in these companies an opportunity to be shareholders in their shares, and therefore the workers will work with their shares, which will contribute to increasing the quantity of production and improving its quality.”

He stressed “the importance of legislating the partnership law between the public and private sectors, as it is a model of joint ownership to raise production efficiency, which is a joint cooperation between the government and the private sector, and about 27% of the productive activity in the world is based on this form of partnership, which is in the interest of Iraq.” And the best method for employment and development, in addition to its extensions, to reduce unemployment. ”

He added, “There are strategic sovereign projects whose completion is in the interest of Iraq in general, such as the port of Faw, and they do not belong to a specific governorate economy, but rather constitute Iraqi strategic projects par excellence, and provide their services and benefits for the growth and welfare of the country, and the efforts of the government and the state in general must focus on such Projects. ”