The Finance Committee is determined to apply the tariff during the current year

Member: The Finance Committee is determined to apply the tariff during the current year and will host the Minister of Finance

Date: Monday 16/7/2012 8:21

Baghdad (news) .. Announced by the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Magda al-Tamimi, for hosting and finance minister in the House of Representatives in the coming days to find out the reasons for patient as the law of the tariff, noting that its committee is determined to be applied during the current year.
said Tamimi (of the Agency news): The the Tariff Act has been postponed twice during the current year by the federal government, noting that delay the first last February was the result of the lack of awareness of citizens on how to apply in addition to relevant government institutions are not eligible to apply the law Vtm postponed to the end of last June. She has been sent a book by the federal government to the House of Representatives calling for postponement again with the law without knowing the real reasons, stressing will be hosting the Minister of Finance and some government officials in the coming days in the House of Representatives, specifically in the two economic and financial explain why the patient as the law. She pointed out: that many citizens did not know how to implement the law making it a fear of its application, adding that customs duties will be imposed only on the materials necessary for the country and at the industrial goods that Iraq could output to activate the economic sectors Kalsnaaah and agriculture, because the local industry to Atnhi without a tariff. said: that Iraq is required to diversify income and not rely on oil to avoid global crises (as a downturn in oil prices the world or close the Strait of Hormuz) and this comes through the taking of customs duties and activating the economic sectors in the country. The Ministry of Finance has announced in March last for identifying the first of June next date for the work system customs tariff in Iraq after the postponed twice, saying “this time can not be the one to postpone the work system,” In the month of June the government announced the postponement of the application of the Tariff Act, for reasons described Balphenah ie not to create customs services of border law enforcement. / Finished / 8. n. r /
Source: ikhnews