Wikileaks: Israel destroyed the Iranian nuclear reactors the help of “rebels as a response”

27/02/2012 20:27

Iran nuclear programErbil, February 27 (Rn) – A document published on the site “Wikileaks”, Monday, belonging to “Startfor Institute for the Study and company intelligence civilian” forces commando Israel destroyed several nuclear reactors Iranian underground in cooperation with the “rebels as a response.” According to the site, “Russia Today, “which assigned the news to the newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli” publication included internal correspondence in the wake of the statement by the Minister of Defense Ehud Barak “Yes .. Up, “after the blast, which happened in the al-Qaeda rocket near Isfahan in October / November. also published online 

commenting is described as one of the elements Israeli intelligence to ensure that the statements of Barack is misled, and that Israel destroyed all Iranian nuclear facilities existing above ground weeks ago . He added that the campaign “Let’s bomb Iran” current initiated by the leaders of the European Union to draw the attention of the popular sectors for economic problems, as well as serving the United States. and claimed the document that Russia is one of the partners, senior military of Israel, while India is one of the States which buys weapons in large quantities from Israel. She added that “in the event of a direct confrontation between Israel and Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia Stervhan of high oil prices, while China and Europe Stkhosran because of the oil crisis. also claimed that the document that “according to the Israeli plan the attack on Iran will take about 48 hours, but it would be devastating to Iran, you will find difficulty in recovery, while the Iranian government will fall. ” Open: Murtaza Yousuf