Allawi sends a message to Biden .. This is what was stated in it!

Allawi sends a message to Biden .. This is what was stated in it!

Saturday 23 January 2021 | 05:37 pm

Allawi sends a message to Biden .. This is what was stated in itOn Saturday, the leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, sent a message to US President Joe Biden on the occasion of his being sworn in as president, and said that the US administration and Iran had agreed to abort the will of the Iraqis in 2010 .

Allawi added in the message, “We welcome and hope a clear policy of the United States of America to support stability and moderation in the world and adopt peaceful solutions to regional conflicts in order to promote global stability and peace .”

He continued, “Your election comes at a time when the world is suffering from a global crisis due to the global pandemic Corona, the escalation of extremism and terrorism movements in important parts of the world, stagnation, economic decline and lack of justice in different regions of the world, and that Iraq, as you know well, was in decline. Since the days of the occupation, due to the issuance of harmful laws and the lack of clarity of post-armed conflict policies and the siege imposed on Iraq . ”

Allawi said, “But after the results of the 2010 elections in Iraq appeared, the decline accelerated after a missed golden opportunity to initiate reforms that would have reflected the rapid and dangerous collapse that stormed the country and lead it to a bright future .”

He continued, “Unfortunately, the US administration and Iran have agreed to abort the will of the honorable Iraqi people and stand against the winning, patriotic civilian forces, represented by the Iraqiya coalition, and despite your personal attempts to amend things, but they did not bear fruit and here we are in 2020, in which Iraq has become a country that lost the way and identity Where the spread of extremism and terrorism represented by ISIS due to sectarian climates and quotas and the interference of Iran and other countries in the affairs of Iraq, and the increase in the influence and activity of some uncontrolled armed militias not only in Iraq but in many parts of the Middle East and their reliance on political assassinations as a means of appropriation and intimidation, as corruption spread and absent Good governance . ”

Allawi mentioned in his message that “the new democracy in Iraq cannot escape the control of illegal militias and armed groups that control some ballot boxes and the suppression of large-scale peaceful popular demonstrations by force and excessive violence .”

He explained, “What the demonstrators who express their opinion are asking for is the rejection of state intervention, the existence of uncontrolled weapons, the spread of corruption in all forms, the growing influence of terrorism, and the continued dominance of the political and economic environment that aids terrorism because of the injustice and injustice that occurred after and before the occupation, and this is something that we have stressed repeatedly with you and with Others argue that the stability of Iraq will lead to the stability of the entire region, and vice versa . ”

Allawi concluded his message that “the United States of America has a legal, moral and political obligation to support Iraq as well as support the region to achieve stability and societal peace.”