Deputy: The budget needs two weeks to be approved

Deputy: The budget needs two weeks to be approved

Monday, January 11, 2021 | 06:08 PM

Deputy - The budget needs two weeks to be approvedMember of Parliament Rizan Sheikh Dleir confirmed that the House needs about two weeks in order to approve the draft federal budget law.

MP Rizan Sheikh Dleir added in a statement to Kurdish media, on Monday, that the council will conduct the second reading of the 2021 budget bill at its session today, noting that in the event that reading the bill is completed, it takes about two weeks of discussions to pass the law.

Representative Rizan Sheikh Delir indicated that there is a difference in the views of the Kurdish blocs and their stance has not yet been united, pointing out that a number of Kurdish parliament members intend to announce a new bloc in the parliament.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to hold a regular session today to read the draft budget law and discuss a report prepared by the Parliamentary Finance Committee in this regard, and it will read the draft of a number of other laws.