Al-Maliki: we want a strong rule of law and justice

Baghdad (News) … Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, seeking to set up a powerful State governed by the rule of law, justice and equality, and to uphold the unity of Iraq.

Statement said the Prime Minister received (News Agency news) on Thursday that Al-Maliki met with included a number of officials and elders in Anbar province, and expressed confidence in the ability of the Iraqis to solve their problems themselves, praising the positions of Al-Anbar province in maintaining national unity.

He added: that Al-Maliki briefed on security, administrative and service in Anbar and needs, and to take the necessary steps to support the security and stability of the province and improve the level of services provided to citizens and their needs in different areas.

And their delegation members stressed their support for Al-Maliki’s positions in preserving the unity of Iraq, its people and its national sovereignty and building State institutions equal all Iraqi people.