Sadrists submit a proposal to limit the jurisdiction of the three presidencies two sessions

Baghdad, July 12 (Rn) – The block free of the Sadrist movement Thursday for submission of the proposed law site 100 includes a deputy of the mandate of the three presidencies of the Republic, ministers, MPs for two sessions only.

The provision of the proposed law after less than ten days the invitation launched by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to the House of Representatives to vote on the law sets out the mandates of the three presidencies two sessions to avoid what he described as “dictatorships.”

And supports the demands of the Iraqi List, Sadrists establishing the mandate of Prime Minister and the compatibility of opinion on the justification for the enactment of the mandate of the presidencies.

The head of the bloc Bahaa al-Araji told a news conference held in Baghdad and attended by the agency, Kurdistan News (Rn) that mass “presented a proposed law in collaboration with a number of independent MPs in the Council and the locations of 100 Deputy requires mandatory state presidents, ministers, MPs two sessions.”

Araji and expected to be discussed, “the proposal in future meetings.”

In a related context, said an independent member of the National Alliance Courier morning during the conference that “the legislation law for determining the states of presidents, ministers, MPs two sessions does not require a constitutional amendment.”

He added that “the enactment of the mandate of the three presidencies is a plug loopholes in the constitution.” He said.

Article 72 of the Iraqi constitution to define the mandate of President four years, and may be re-elected for a second term only, while the Constitution refers also to that required in the Prime Minister shall be the President of the Republic, however, that the Constitution did not specify the number of states of the Prime Minister.