Electricity Minister: Iraq will turn into a source of energy in 2014



Alerted to the need to find a legal way out for the continued import of electricity from Iran 
Basra – Saad Sammak 
sign and Electricity Minister Abdul Karim Aftan to arrive in Iraq’s production of energy to about 27 000 MW in 2014, and underlined the need to find a legal way to deal with international sanctions imposed on Iran for continuing to import energy. 
He told the “morning” During his time in Basra, that Iraq will dispense once and for energy imports from neighboring countries by the year 2014 after the completion of projects of production down to about 27 thousand MW, which will transform the country into a source of energy. 
He said that the rates production of electrical energy with current imports from Iran and Turkey of more than 7 thousand MW, while exceeding the country’s need actual the 14 000 MW, noting that there are dozens of companies of different nationalities Chinese, Turkish and Korean and Iranian is currently working in the fields of monument production plants and distribution of electric power has achieved high rates in completing its work, stressing that the companies which performed its required specifications will receive priority in the contracts to come. 
and on the problems facing foreign companies operating in Iraq, said Aftan: The Ministry of Electricity has been able to find solutions to them, especially concerning matters of financial and customs facilities for the purpose of the introduction of equipment and electrical installations according to times of time specified in the contracts. 
acknowledged Minister impact of international sanctions imposed on Iran on the reality of electricity in the country, “which made ​​us ask the government to find legal solutions to that issue, which fears that hinder the work of Iranian companies in the electricity sector and completion of projects with time specified. ” 
as lead sanctions to other problems of which import more than one million liters of fuel from Iran every day to run power stations, stressing the importance of finding a legal solution allows to continue in the process of extending a pipeline to supply Iraq gas to run power plants, which will hopefully be done this year. 
He Aftan that Iraq plans to import 150 MW of power from states to link the eight after the completion of agreements related thereto, according to world prices. 
The Ministry of Electricity has signed in July of 2011, contracts with Iranian companies, including Assanir to build station molasses gas in Kirkuk card 320 MW at a cost of 72 million, in addition to the contract for the construction of a chest gas at a cost of $ 320 million. 
as the ministry signed middle of last year a contract with a consortium of Farb and Amiran to install two additional station in the chest with a capacity of 160 MW at a cost of $ 69 million for a total production of power plant Sadr gas 640 MW. 
 As the ministry signed a contract with the company (ie, BCG) Iranian pipeline to transport Iranian gas to a number of power plants to produce energy at a cost of $ 365 million a length of 90 km runs underground from the oil box border passing through the field Mansourieh gas in the city of Baquba, down to the power station al-Sadr station and then to Jerusalem and to the gas station south of Baghdad.