Agreement with Kuwait to settle the debts of Aviation has not written on paper so far

BAGHDAD (Iba) … Ministry of Transportation revealed that the agreement concluded by the government with its counterpart in Kuwait Amaralamadi on the debt Iraqi Airways has not written on paper so far.

The two sides announced their agreement to settle the debt back to the Gulf War prevented from Iraqi Airways flights to the west, and the agreement provides for payment of $ 300 million in cash to Kuwait and $ 200 million to set up a joint airline.

The adviser said the ministry Karim Nouri The agreement between the Government of Iraq and Kuwait on Iraqi Airways has not written on paper so far did not sign.

He explained that the signing of the agreement may be dependent on the movement of the committees and some delay routine, wishing to do the deal, stressing that the reason for the delay is not due to political reasons.

The theme of the airline is part of the long-standing dispute between Kuwait and Iraq on the billions of dollars in compensation for the brutal invasion.

The agreement with the Government of Kuwait on the sidelines of a visit by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at the head of a ministerial delegation to set timetables for resolving the outstanding issues that stand a barrier to exit Iraq from Chapter VII.