postpone the Customs Tariff Act would cause significant damage

Baghdad (News) …Member of the Economic Commission of the National Alliance Deputy//Amer Al-Fayez, the Government continues to delay the Act would cause significant harm tariffs for domestic production and the citizen.

He said Al-Fayez (News Agency news) Monday: the continued postponement of the customs tariff law, the Government planned in enacted (1/7/2012) would cause great damage to Iraqi product, adding: the Government is taking “arguments” to obstruct the work of Iraqi product and make it vulnerable to competition from foreign goods.

He added: If the Government intends to assist and support the product and the imported goods should balance between product and prices of imported goods and the protection of production to reach self-sufficiency.

Fayez said: postponing action tariffs will affect the product and factory farms because the basis Iraqi protection product through support on the one hand and by imposing tariffs on goods from elsewhere and not delay the imposition of law.

Student: Government support Iraqi production and support industry for the purpose of maintaining not high prices, not giving the opportunity for competition of international production and dispense import shoddy goods.