America strengthen its navy in the Gulf amid tensions with Iran

America strengthen its navy in the Gulf amid tensions with Iran

Posted 08/07/2012 09:17 AM

Babinaoz (Reuters) – The U.S. Fifth Fleet said, based in Bahrain, said a U.S. warship had decided to exit from the service were sent to the Gulf rather than to assist in mine clearance operations in the latest move to strengthen the U.S. Navy gradually with the increase in tension with Iran.

A spokesman for the Navy’s Fifth Fleet in Manama, the ship arrived in Ponce after making modifications to the new mission. She described the ship as a “forward operating base floating.”

The spokesman said in a statement: “The main task of the ship Ponce is to support the mine action operations and other tasks such as the ability to provide services for the reform of the other units being deployed.” Vice Admiral John Miller, the commander of the naval force in the region is proud of the ship Ponce “capabilities that have been developed to carry out marine insurance and allow us greater flexibility to support a wide range of emergencies with our partners in the region.”

And four U.S. ships arrived sweeping mines in the Gulf last month to support the Navy’s Fifth Fleet, and ensure the safety of navigation routes in the corridor through which the water sailing 40 percent of world oil exports carried by sea.

And reached the ships center of a propaganda war between the United States and Iran over Iran’s controversial nuclear and Iran’s threats to close the Strait of Hormuz in response to the ban again by the European Union on its oil exports.
is scheduled to remain minesweepers four for seven months in the area of operations includes the Gulf and the Gulf of Oman and the Red Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean.
and increased tensions in the Gulf when I got diplomatic efforts undertaken by the major countries to reduce nuclear dispute to a dead end and the resumption of Israeli threats to attack Iranian nuclear sites from the air if sanctions fail and negotiations to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

And helped a series of statements the Iranian hard-line included a threat again to close the straits and the destruction of U.S. bases in the region in an attack “within minutes” at the beginning of last week in the high price of London Brent crude to more than $ 100 for the first time since June.
Iran has vowed repeatedly revenge attacks in response to or any Israeli attack US-led attack on its nuclear facilities, which says it all dedicated for peaceful purposes. But the West says is aimed at producing nuclear weapons.
Source: babnews