Security alert .. Word haunt Iraqis and confirm a new failure

Security alert .. Word haunt Iraqis and confirm a new failure

Posted 08/07/2012 09:19 AM

Handsome as from Baghdad on the other hand, many Iraqis believe that security services are infiltrated, and that the security man, the policeman for them is no longer reliable in some cases, because of the uncertainty that entices some to be breaking.

Prestige of the state
on the same level, the majority of Iraqis believe that there is corruption permeates the security agenda, which reduces the activities and techniques of examination of explosives and car bombs. It stresses a retired police officer, Zuhair al-Hassani on the lawlessness that has been going on in 2003, thrown away the prestige of the state, and became a citizen perceived to power look of derision.

Hassani is believed that the citizen is that the State failed at the level of internal security and external level through coordination of the neighboring countries to prevent the entry of weapons and armed groups.

Does not rule out Hasani own armed groups political cover that protects the gloss on events, asserting that the failure of the security plan is due to this cover, and to the political impact of the crisis on them.

Statistics on the victims
reveal Statistics killing at least 237 persons in the last month, and wounding 603 others in attacks, mostly bombings, making the month of June the deadliest month in Iraq since the withdrawal of U.S. troops at the end of last year.

This coincides with the continuation of the political crisis that confuse the security services and encourage armed groups to further acts of violence in the next phase.
It is believed about eight Iraqis out of ten we met the last few months demonstrate that the armed groups are getting stronger, and she was able to carry out the quality, rejecting the idea that terrorism weaken gradually.

Also, nine of them see that political parties are affected by their relations with foreign neighbors, and they favor the agenda of Foreign Affairs at the expense of internal affairs.

Resentment of the political
journalist Majid Al Fahim believes that terrorism still has the clear ability to prove existence. Worse of all, according to Fadel said that the Iraqis are no longer mobilize to any table dialogue between the political parties.

He continues: In the past, any dialogue or mutual understanding between the political blocs and parties find welcome and attention by the citizen. But today, there are annoyed by political actors, regardless of the outcome of which will be issued.

For his part, points belonging to Ahmed Essam, who is participating in the processions of religious to Karbala (108 km southwest of Baghdad), he touches the density of numerical police and security men, but without the efficiency and quality, citing the example of many of the breakthroughs that you get, even though the state has hired numbers massive police and security men. According to EA, the militarization of society is witnessing a rapid pace, without the involvement of leading large numbers of security forces to restore security.

Illiterate security men
to see that Ahmed Obaid (teacher) that the numerical density in the absence of efficient and non-collection of course will prevent the establishment of security. He continues: I saw a lot of checkpoints, and I found security men and police are illiterate. It is believed that the chances of slaves into force of such terrorism through police will be very large. Over the years he joined the security forces, many citizens who have found in this sector a chance to get a job.

Does not call for the retired Brigadier General Rahim al-Asadi to lay off these people, but to rehabilitate them through study and training, to raise their performance in front of a major security challenges in the country.

It is the contract that make the most of double the work of the security forces, some parties find security in the event an opportunity to rally supporters and win new supporters, and the dissemination of partisan and sectarian slogans.

Political slogans
and indicates Ahmed Jamil (teacher) with his finger over his car through a checkpoint on the road to suit – Diwaniya (193 km) south of Baghdad, that police officers how to raise slogans of political parties and supports a particular political bloc. But politicians and religious and political elites that seek to raise slogans in the main roads and at checkpoints, failed to work on the rehabilitation of the security forces to secure the protection required.

The irony is – according to the policeman Saad Hamza – checkpoints that attaches importance to politicians and their safety, so that point is crowded with dozens of vehicles in the form of long lines while going through misleading official car. Most observers warn of violence in the next phase, with a complex political crisis solution, typically in the security plans.

Bombings to expand the center and south,
striking in the violence, according to feminist belief that the bombings Hamza find a place today in the center and south, which proves that the hand of terrorism so long now. It was a car bomb in the middle market in terms Zubaydiah located in Wasit province (180 km) north of Baghdad, and killed and wounded tens of citizens, angered Iraqis, and renewed their criticism of the security plans which they consider a failure.

The series of bombings occurred in Baghdad and Karbala, and the heaviest in Diwaniyah, resulted in the wounding and killing dozens of people, the owner of popular anger not the government is serious in addressing the security file.

And means (security alert) to seven citizens of the ten that there are bombings, expected, will lead to the failure of a new discovery of explosions before they occur, and also means that the roads will be closed, and will focus checkpoints, and will deliver a citizen’s difficulties and loss of time in completing his work.

Says Hassan Abdul Samad (a taxi driver and a graduate of the Faculty of Arts) that (security alert) became a source of concern for citizens, especially that he does not wait for a positive result of this preparedness. And supports a lot of people the idea that there has been corruption in the security and intelligence bodies, which prevents accountability for negligence. For his part, sees the journalist Karim al-Lami, corruption, red tape that prevents pre-emptive strikes for dormant cells.

Leaders of the failures
but the pilot retired Brigadier General Ahmad al-Jubouri goes beyond that, he says, that the possession of the lead by armed groups, again, shows that there are security chiefs and the losers have to change them.

He wonders: How do you penetrate the center of the car bomb cities, while there are dozens of checkpoints in the main streets. Saad al-Sharifi and demands (lawyer) by the real security of the attacks, calling the leaders of the security services to put an end to these violations as quickly as possible. M / Elaph
Source: babnews