An American company provides real-time solutions to the electricity crisis in Iraq

An American company provides real-time solutions to the electricity crisis in Iraq

7/16/2020 13:12

An American company provides real-time solutions to the electricity crisis in Iraq[Baghdad_Eye]
The American General Electric Company announced on Thursday that it specialized in producing energy to provide immediate solutions to the electricity crisis in Iraq, revealing discussions with the government in this regard.
Joseph Anis, CEO of General Electric Company for Gas Energy in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, said in a statement today: The lack of energy is one of the biggest challenges in daily life that faces about 40 million people in Iraq, especially during the summer, and that filling the need for electricity is among One of the main reasons to support the country’s economic growth.

He explained that General Electric understands the daily suffering and has the necessary solutions to help the Iraqi government meet the need in this sector, pointing out that the solutions to end the electricity crisis in Iraq already exist, but it requires everyone to cooperate to implement new projects.

And that: There are quick solutions that can increase the productivity of the stations to 15 percent in just three – four weeks, including maintenance work solutions and development of the stations to increase productivity and ensure the continuity of work in them, as great efforts have been made to build these stations, it is important for these projects to be sustainable. For the continuity of production.

Anis stressed that if you neglect these stations, they are subject to a loss of 10 to 50 percent of the production capacity.

He added that another important solution is to convert power stations that operate in the simple cycle to the combined cycle, which contributes to increasing production by 50 percent without the need for additional fuel. As for the accompanying gas, which is burned today, we can produce additional energy that contributes to the production increase, as well as building a network Stable that can draw energy from the produced plants and distribute it regularly to the Iraqi people.

He explained that General Electric has previously worked with the Ministry of Finance and Electricity and in cooperation with global financial institutions that have contributed to securing more than $ 2.4 billion in funding since 2015 for energy infrastructure projects across the country, so future planning and implementation of new energy projects in the country will require strong coordination Among many institutions, including the ministries of finance and electricity, the international financial community, and technology providers such as General Electric where no single organization can operate in isolation from energy challenges in Iraq, however, a combination of highly efficient technologies, institutional cooperation, and regulatory conditions can help advance Iraq to end this crisis. ”

He confirmed that General Electric is currently in discussions with the Iraqi government on various projects that can help in strengthening the energy infrastructure in the country further. These include the establishment of new effective power stations, the conversion of power stations from a simple cycle to a combined cycle, and the implementation of maintenance services to improve the performance and reliability of stations. Current energy, creating new sub-stations of the network.