Deputy for Iraq: Iraq is an urgent need to consolidate its relations with Arab countries

On: Sun 26/02/2012 10:12

Baghdad (news) .. MP from / coalition in Iraq / Khaled al-Alwani, that Iraq is in urgent need today to build strong relations with neighboring countries surrounding it, especially Arab countries. 
said Alwani, in a press statement received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Sunday: that Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries surrounding it are not the required level, pointing out that this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs being on the first this, asking them to make a concentrated effort to improve and develop the foreign relations of Iraq. 
and between: the proximity of the conference of the Arab summit in Baghdad opportunity Iraq was able to build relationships with Arab countries and time for the return of Iraq strongly to foster Arab, calling at the same time, the Arab countries to expedite the appointment of ambassadors in Iraq similar to the step that has worked with Saudi Arabia to appoint an ambassador in Iraq. 
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced on last Tuesday that Saudi Arabia decided to call the non-resident ambassador to the Kingdom in Iraq, and have submitted papers to the Iraqi Embassy in Riyadh, in an effort to strengthen relations between the two countries, for its part confirmed the Iraqi government that they would agree “promptly” on the move. / Finished / l.